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Good Morning

Zoom chat is at 10.30 this morning hope to see you.

This week we are focusing on the RSPB garden watch. Our number of the week is 2. Along with the guided activities we will be singing, dancing, squiggling and counting all day. I will add some photographs from the classroom to show continuous provision challenges if anyone wants to do these at home. Please make sure there is time for play. This is where the learning really happens. I just want to say everyone is doing an amazing job and stress there is no expectation for all these activities to be completed they are here for you to choose what suits you and your family.

Ideas for today Jolly Phonics jingle recap s, a, t. p , i Sing jingles with actions then use this game  

Use a body percussion sound such as clap, clap, clap. Try different clapping patterns and see if your child can copy. Start off with three beats and increase. 

Let’s go to the dough disco and make up some new moves…  Why not leave the dough out and let your child play with it independently.

All about number 2. In nursery along with carpet sessions, we teach maths throughout the day. Our daily calendar, numbers in areas, daily counting songs and counting opportunities are just some of the ways in which we do this. We have also began to focus on a number of the week. I would like to continue with this. This week our focus number is 2. Today I would like you to watch numberblocks video as an introduction. 

Can you make a number line that can be put up at home or taken out whilst you are talking about numbers? In school we have a number line on the wall which we refer to throughput the day and I think it would be extremely helpful for the children to have one at home. Perhaps they could paint each number or draw them. Some children will need support but I think it is a valuable resource to have.

The big bird watch introduce and explain that this week we are going to be learning about birds. Ask the children if they have seen any birds. Where did they see them? What did they look like? Do they know the names of them? Use the powerpoint and discuss. 

Let’s dance! In nursery we love following this dance routine and moving in different ways. Guaranteed to make you smile  

Resources needed for Monday 18th Jan

Jolly Phonics Jingle s

Jolly Phonics a

Jolly Phonics t

Jolly Phonics p

Jolly Phonics i

Nursery Home Learning Friday 15th Jan


Wow what a busy week it has been!!! I would like to say thank you to all the children and the grown-ups. There have been a few technical hitches but we seem to have made it. I hope you all have a restful weekend.

If you can make the zoom this afternoon at 1pm it would be lovely to see you J

Jolly Phonics jingle recap s, a, t. p, i


Counting objects from around the house and singing your favourite counting rhymes. You could make some number props to go with your rhymes. If you wanted to you could have a go at writing the numbers.


Look at this Winter-Themed Shadows PowerPoint  and encourage the children to think about the shape of the objects. Powerpoint attached.


Make an obstacle course outside moving in different ways such as jumping, balancing along a line (perhaps you could draw parts of the course if you have some chalk) hopping, balancing something on your head, pretending to ski/iceskate. To make it even more of a challenge you could time how long it takes to complete and see if you can beat the time.


You will need some pegs for today’s number activity. Write numerals 0-10 on the pegs and hide around your house. If you have a piece of cardboard from an old box or something similar write the numbers around the edge like in the photograph and then go on a number to find the peg with the corresponding number. Happy number hunting. If you would like to extend activity ask your child what number is one more or one less than they number they have. Or which numbers live next door to the number they have found. 


Make a winter treat such as hot chocolate with marshmallows and relax after a busy week.


Resources for home learning Fri 15th Jan

Home Learning Thursday 14th Jan

Hot and cold game adapted for home. This is a circle time activity we are using in the classroom this week to develop listening skills.

Remind your child of the story, ‘Ten Little Lights’. Can they remember what happened in the story? Allow them time to discuss the story and to think about their favourite parts.

Discuss why the animals felt cold in the woods: “Why did the animals feel cold?”, “What does snow feel like?” Discuss how it may feel to be an animal in the snow. Can your child make suggestions for how animals in the wild may stay warm?

“Why did the animals want to go to the house? Do you know what was in the house that attracted the animals? How would it have felt in the house?”

Can your child show you an action for each of these words: cold, warm and hot? Listen to the children’s suggestions or make some yourself for the children to follow, e.g. “We could shiver and rub our arms when we are cold. What could we do to show we are warm and hot?”

Explain that you are going to play a game called hot or cold. Draw several of the animals from the story on a post-it or similar (perhaps use toys) and hide around the house or outside. Tell your child that when they are close to finding the picture you will say they are warm and as they get closer they will be hot but if they are moving away from the picture they are getting colder. Children have to use the hot or cold voice clue to find the animals.



Jolly Phonics jingle recap s, a, t. p, introduce i


Talk to the children about sports that can be done during the winter, e.g. skiing, snowboarding, ice skating. If possible, show them video clips from the winter Olympics.

Using link watch cosmic kids yoga and join in with winter adventure


Draw a snowman activity.


Snowman gingerbread men you can buy the gingerbread already made and decorate or if you would like to add some maths you could follow the recipe attached and make your own. Ps I found it helps to out the mixture in the fridge before rolling and roll out between clingfilm J I have added a picture of the finished snowman.


Winter themed counting sheet attached.

Wednesday 13th January 2021

Good Morning everyone hope you are enjoying your week and can now access all the home learning either on here or Tapestry.


Activities for today...


Talk about the clothes that you need to wear when it is cold or snowy outside and show the children the examples of different clothing, talking about their names and where they are worn. Tell the children that you know a rhyme all about getting dressed to play outside in the snow! The song is attached below. Have a go at singing the song and your child copying the actions.


Snowman dice game attached below instructions are on the game. Recap all the numbers before playing the game. You will need a dice and felt tips.


Recap jolly phonics so far and play a game finding items in your house that begin with s, a, t, p.

Can you take a picture and send it in.


Days of the week song that we use in school video attached

I have also added some calendar resources in case you would like to use them. Just singing the song daily and talking about which day it is and asking questions such as what day was it yesterday or what day will it be tomorrow are extremely helpful.

Good Morning


Below is my post from Tapestry. There have been a few issues downloading attachments and yesterday it was almost impossible to get on! 

So that you are able to access all of the documents I have will be adding my Tapestry activities to the website each day. Please let me know if you have any issues as it is a work in progress.


Today we have several challenges all linked to our learning in the classroom. I have adapted the counting to fit with learning from home today. I hope the video links are working and have been useful. If there is anything you would like me to add please let me know.

During continuous provision in the classroom this week we have threading activities ( you could use spaghetti or linguine pressed into some dough or blue tac and thread cheereos down the pieces) Jigsaws, a sorting mittens activity (perhaps at home you could ask your child to pair up some socks). All these activities help the children practise previously taught skills in their own time so whilst they are playing they are actually applying skills, becoming confident and independent learners.


Listening game

We are learning to listen and follow instructions.

Play a listening game, ‘Snowman Says’, where the leader is a snowman. The snowman gives

instructions, such as “Snowman says, touch your buttons.”, “Snowman says, touch your carrot

nose.” or “Snowman says clap your mittens.”



Jolly Phonics s,a,t introduce p. Video link attached.


Research one of the animals from the story ‘Ten Little Lights’ and find out three facts. Can you

draw a picture of your animal and have a go at writing the name of your animal. Remember if you

can’t write the sound try making some marks on your paper. You can use lines, zigzags, circles

anything you like. Grown ups please can you write the facts or record a video of your child saying


Perhaps we could share these on the Friday zoom. Photo pack of animals attached.



Ten little lights ‘What am I?’ powerpoint. Video attached


Counting game. You will need a dice, a cup and something to fill cup with eg pompoms/marbles. Roll the dice and add the same amount of pompoms to the cup. The first person to fill the cup is the winner. If you don’t have a dice you could write the numbers and put them in a bag and take one out at a time like a lucky dip.


I hope this makes it a little easier for you to access the work in case Tapestry isn't working.



Jolly phonics sound P

Hello Nursery 


Daily activities will be set on Tapestry if anyone is having difficulties logging on please send an email to the school office and I can contact you. It has been wonderful seeing all the things you have been up to. 


Please take a look at Mrs Warrens Thought for the day. This can be found on her page on the school website.



Another busy week exploring signs of Autumn and raising money for Children in Need

Halloween fun

Colour monster and yellow Friday

Settled into nursery

Hello nursery we are looking forward to meeting you next week and have put up some photographs so you can have a look inside your new classroom.


Zoom assembly


This week we have been sharing the story Superworm. We have read the story, talked about the characters and settings. We have explored patterns, sorted worms of different lengths, made symmetrical worm pictures and written shopping lists to buy the ingredients for our chocolate mousse Superworm. We have talked about different minibeasts and looked at rhyming words. 


Back to school

Tuesday 9th June 2020

Hello Nursery we hope everyone enjoyed the Whit holidays. We are finally back and beginning to get back into some kind of normality. It was absolutely wonderful seeing everyone on the Zoom chats. Mrs Barter and I have made a little video of the class room set up and it is on Tapestry please share with your child before returning. We will continue to send home learning ideas on Tapestry and look forward to your photo's and video clips. 

We can't wait to see everyone.

Take care and see you soon. 

Miss Peek and Mrs Barter 


Monday 18th May

Hello Nursery hope you had a wonderful weekend enjoying the sunshine. It has been fantastic seeing all the photographs and videos you are posting on Tapestry.

This week is Mental Health Awareness week. The theme this year is kindness. I would like everyone to spread a little kindness this week. Ring a friend you haven't spoke to in a while, bake a cake. I would also like children and adults alike to do one thing each day that makes them happy. It could be  closing your eyes and listen to the birds outside, go for a walk, paint a picture eat your favourite meal. 

It would be lovely if you shared some of your acts of kindness and happiness on Tapestry. 

Miss Peek

Monday 11th May Hello nursery hope you all enjoyed the beautiful weather this weekend. It has been wonderful looking at you photographs on Tapestry. I have been out and about taking a walk in the fresh air and thought I would make my walk a little more interesting by turning it into a hunt for colours. When you are out walking maybe you could set a challenge to look for colours, animals, mimibeasts, or anything you can imagine. Here are my photographs, look forward to seeing yours. Miss Peek X

Monday 27th April 2020

Hello Nursery 

Spring is definitely in the air the flowers are growing, there are blossoms on the trees, the birds are out singing and the sun is shining. Lots of animals are starting to have their babies. So this week I though I would add a little quiz to see if you can name the baby animals. Once you have finished the quiz perhaps you could draw a picture of your favourite baby animal. You could even have a look at Cbeebies and complete the jigsaw puzzles on 'Down on the farm'. 

Monday 20th April 2020

Hello Nursery 

This week I thought we could have some fun with play dough. On Tapestry in the documents section I have added a folder with some ideas to use with dough. 

In Nursery we follow dough disco most days (Funky feet playdough disco) I have added this to tapestry where you can find the link. All you need is a ball of dough and a partner. We love this activity. Why not try making some of your own dough too! It's really easy and lots of fun! I have added the recipe on Tapestry. 

Look forward to seeing your photographs.

Fri 17th April 2020

Good Morning Nursery. How are you today? I know a few of you have mentioned how much you are missing school. How about making a mini Willows in your house. You will need teddies/dolls/toys to be your class an you can be the teacher. You could make a little sound wall and sing the jolly phonics jingle for each sound. You could even show your class how to write the letter shapes correctly. Maybe you could show your class how to count and choose your own number of the week. Remember to start your day with the register and sing the days of the week song. You could always read your class a story. This is a good way to create a familiar role play, which will encourage feelings of safety and security. In Nursery we also have a big picture for the day. This is a selection of photographs/pictures of our school day (mini timetable). Perhaps you could make one for home and stick it up so you can change it daily. You could include your home learning, breakfast, lunch, chilling time, playing in the garden, exercise time. You can get pictures from Twinkl or draw/make your own or use photographs. It's a great starting point to any morning.

We hope you have a lovely weekend and look forward to seeing your posts. 

Take care 

Miss Peek xx

14th April 2020

Good morning Nursery we hope you enjoyed spending Easter together and of course eating lots of chocolate!!  Just an update regarding communication. Each day there will be activities set on Tapestry these will cover the Prime and Specific Areas of Learning. Please do not feel any pressure to complete all the activities set they are there as a guide.  I will post at least once a week here on the school website page with updates and news. I will also add a fun creative activity again this is optional and all about having fun with your child/children whilst we are in this new situation. Tapestry is checked daily where comments/feedback will be given.

We hope you making the most of this beautiful weather and getting outside in your garden? Perhaps you could have some fun making a bug hotel using items from your garden. You could check which creatures move in and make models/pictures of them and add a post on Tapestry. 

We can't wait to see who moves in. Make sure you check Tapestry for our daily updates it has been lovely seeing how hard you are working. Everyone is being a super star! Take care we miss you lots Miss Peek and Mrs Barter

Hello Nursery 

Please check Tapestry for daily updates and activities. 

Keep safe

Miss Peek and Mrs Barter