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Wednesday 15th July


Hello Reception! I can't believe it is Wednesday again already, time is flying by! For our wellness Wednesday activity this week we would like you to have a go at Cosmic Kids Yoga. This time it is all about Tiny the T-Rex, we thought it would fit in nicely with our dinosaur book this week.


Have fun relaxing.


Mrs Marenghi, Mrs Odell and Miss Jones x

Wednesday 8th July


Hello Elm and Oak Class. How are you all? What a lot of rain we have had again this week! We hope you are enjoying our Oliver's Vegetables theme this week. It has been so lovely to see you all back in school, or on zoom. You have all grown so much and we are so pleased with how much effort and care you have all taken over your work and how kind you have been to each other. We think you all deserve a HUGE pat on the back. Well done yes


Our wellness Wednesday task this week links to our healthy eating theme. It is very important to eat a balanced diet to look after your body, make you feel good, and to help you to grow big and strong! Today we would like you to make a healthy snack that looks like an animal or face, using fruit or vegetables. Attached below are some ideas to inspire you!


Have fun!


The Reception Team x



Wednesday 1st July


Good Morning Reception! We hope you are all enjoying our Zog theme this week! This week we would like you to have a go at cloud spotting. When I was a little girl it was one of my favourite things to do!


First of all we would like you to find a nice quiet place in your house and take 5 starfish breaths. Hold your hand up, fingers stretched apart, and begin to trace your fingers, starting with your thumb. As your finger moves up the finger, breathe in, and as it moves down the finger, breathe out. Slowly trace your thumb up (breathe in), and down (breathe out), then move to the pointer finger. As you finish tracing your fingers, you will have done five deep, slow breaths in and out in the shape of your hand, like a starfish!


Now, follow this link and scroll down to number 5. Watch the video and you might spot some of your favourite CBeebies characters! Then I would like you to go outside and lie down and see what shapes or animal shaped clouds you can see in the sky! You should feel calm and relaxed during this activity, remember to take deep breaths in through your nose and out from your mouth whilst you are lying down. If the weather is too cold and wet, you could look out your window instead.


Have fun cloud spotting!


Mrs Marenghi, Mrs Odell and Miss Jones x

Wednesday 24th June 


Good morning Reception.


What a lovely sunny day it is today! Did you know it is the official National School Sports week this week? Despite us not being able to celebrate it how we usually would, Mr Codd has been sent a fantastic document from Trafford called The Rainbow Games that he would like to share with the school. We have attached the document below for you to have a look at, so you can try lots of these fantastic activities at home! Maybe you could try and do a different coloured activity each day to complete a rainbow. 


Have fun being active!


Mrs Marenghi, Mrs Odell and Miss Jones x


Rainbow Games Activity Pack

Embrace our differences

Wednesday 17th June


Good morning Reception,  how are you all? Have you seen any thunder and lightening over the past few days? If you completed our rain catcher activity a while ago I'm sure it is very full at the moment!


For our Wellness Wednesday task this week we would like you to focus on belonging. We want you to understand that people can be very different from one another. So, please have a think about all the ways people can be different from each other, and how we can celebrate these differences. Please go through the Embrace our differences PowerPoint to help you, and discuss this with your grown up.


Have a lovely week.


Mrs Marenghi, Mrs Odell and Miss Jones x




Good Morning Everyone! How are you all? Did you have a nice half term? We were very lucky to have such lovely weather, although it seems to be getting a little cooler now! We all loved seeing you on Zoom, we hope you all enjoyed it as much as we did! It was lovely to see all of your smiley faces.


Now we are back to our home learning, and some of you are coming back to school we have decided to change the way we set activities on the website. Instead of daily challenges on here, we will just post one activity a week and it will always be on a Wednesday, and the theme will be wellness. We will still post Literacy and Numeracy activities on Tapestry every day, so please keep checking there and uploading your fantastic photos and work.


This week we would like you to think of your perfect menu! Think of a starter, main and dessert. Can you draw the food and write a label. Maybe you could ask someone from your family to make their own menu and see if you have similar tastes! If you wanted to extend your play, you could set up your own restaurant and you could pretend to serve and eat your favourite food from the menu!


I played this game with my daughter and my starter was warm camembert with crusty bread, my main was lasagne, and my dessert was sticky toffee pudding with custard smiley


We look forward to seeing all of your delicious menus!


Have fun!


Mrs Marenghi, Mrs Odell and Miss Jones.



Friday 22nd May


Hello Elm and Oak, how are you all today? As it is the last day of term there will be no home learning tasks set over the next 2 weeks. We will begin again on Monday 8th June. However, if you still want to share things with us on Tapestry, we would love to see what you are up to. There is no expectation for you to do this, so please do not feel like you need to!


Today we would like you to focus on positivity by playing the game World of hugs. Phone or video call your friend. Create a list of 5 or even 10 things you like about them, you could get an adult to write them for you if you don't feel like writing them yourself. Take turns saying one thing you like best about each other. It will make you feel really good to say nice things to others, and of course, it is always lovely to receive a compliment yourself.


"If you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely." 


See you soon and have a lovely half term.


Mrs Marenghi, Mrs Odell and Miss Jones x

Thursday 21st May


Good morning everyone. Wow, wasn't it a hot day yesterday! Did you get your paddling pool out in the garden? We had fun in the garden throwing water balloons at each other and splashing in the pool. We had a lovely picnic in the shade for our lunch to cool down.


Today we would like you to focus on concentration. For this we would like you to think of your favourite colour and play the game find and seek. Search each room of your house to find something that is your favourite colour. How many things did you find? Maybe you could keep a tally with other people in your family to compare how many each of you found. Don't forget to put the objects back where you found them!


Enjoy Find and Seek!


Shout loud "I am lucky to be what I am! Thank goodness I'm not just a CLAM or HAM, or a dusty old jar of sour gooseberry jam!" 


Mrs Marenghi, Mrs Odell, Miss Jones x

Wednesday 20th May


Hello Oak and Elm class, how are you today? We hope you are enjoying the mindfulness activities this week, it is so important to look after yourself and others heart 


Today we would like you to have a go at positive thinking. To begin with please try the Calm down Yoga poses attached at the end of this post.


Then when you are calm and focused we would like you to talk to a member of your family about what you are good at, it could be swimming, reading, singing, drawing, running, baking, or maybe you have learned a new skill while school has been closed.

It is great to celebrate what other people are good at too, maybe your mummy or daddy have some hidden talents that you don't know about! You could host a family talent show to see all of the amazing things your family can do! Remember to say positive things to your family to make them feel good. You could say "well done", give them a cheer, or give them a whooooosh! 


Be a pineapple, stand tall, wear a crown, and be sweet on the inside.


Have fun sharing your talents!


Mrs Marenghi, Mrs Odell and Miss Jones x

Tuesday 19th May


Hello Reception. Did you all have a nice day yesterday thinking about what makes you happy? I went on a walk yesterday with my girls, they spent ages exploring the woods, climbing trees and getting really muddy! Climbing trees is one of their favourite things to do, so it made us all very happy smiley Then we came home and had ice cream with chocolate sauce for a treat. 


Today we would like you to have a go at a mindfulness activity that promotes creativity, called Flower Power. Collect some stones, flowers or leaves from your garden or on a walk. Create a face, you could use stones for eyes, a twig for a smile, leaves for hair, and a flower for a nose. The choice is yours! How did this activity make you feel? Talk about the things you like about your face. Did another person in your family make one too? Pay them a compliment about their flower power face. How did it make you feel to say nice words to another person?


"One kind word can change someone's entire day"


Have a wonderful day everyone!


Mrs Marenghi, Mrs Odell and Miss Jones

Monday 18th May


Good morning Elm and Oak class. Did you all have a nice weekend? We have had a lovely weekend doing lots of walking and gardening. Thank you so much for the lovely video that you made for us. I have watched it about 10 times already and it gave me happy tears crying It was a heart warming surprise, and just what I needed as I am missing you all lots! 


This week is Mental Health Awareness week, and across the whole school we will be sharing activities that focus on well-being and kindness. Today we would like you to choose something that makes you feel good and happy. It could be anything! Maybe you like colouring in, baking cakes, having cuddles, listening to music or getting active. When I am feeling a little bit tired or unhappy I like to go on a run as it always makes me feel great when I have finished! Remember, everyone is unique, and different things make different people happy.


"Every day is a new day and there are so many beautiful reasons to be happy", what will you choose to do today to make you feel good?


Mrs Marenghi, Mrs Odell and Miss Jones x

Friday 15th May


Happy Friday everyone! Wow, what a busy week we have had in Reception. It looked like you all enjoyed our Hungry Caterpillar theme, and we really enjoyed looking at all of the activities you had done each day. Well done Elm and Oak class, you can all have a house point for your fantastic efforts smiley


Today we would like you to have a go at Cosmic Kids. The theme today is The Very Hungry Caterpillar. I did it in our house with my girls and we all really enjoyed it, so I hope you all like it too! 


Have a lovely weekend and stay safe!


Mrs Marenghi, Mrs Odell and Miss Jones x

Thursday 14th May 


Hello Reception, how are you today? I can't believe it is Thursday already! We have got some tadpoles in our house and we are excited to watch them grown into frogs! They are very wiggly, and my girls are doing a great job at looking after them. Do you know what tadpoles eat? Maybe you could do some research to find out!


Today we would like you to explore the sense of sight. Watch this video clip and then we would like you to have a go at playing I spy around the house, or if you go out for some exercise. How many of the following items can you find;

  • something blue
  • something small
  • something red
  • something hard
  • something green
  • something round
  • something yellow
  • something soft
  • something orange
  • something big
  • something square


Have fun using your sense of sight!


Mrs Marenghi, Mrs Odell and Miss Jones

Wednesday 13th May 


Hello Oak and Elm class. How are you all today? We hope you are all well and looking forward to your day!


Today we are going to focus on the sense of touch. Watch this short video and then we would like you to play a game called "What's in the bag?"


For this game you will need a bag that you can't see inside. Your P.E bag would be perfect! Once you have chosen your bag, ask a member of your family to be the game leader and to find at least 6 objects and then hide them under a towel. Sit in a circle, or opposite each other (depending on how many of you are playing) and ask the game leader to choose an object to put in the bag whilst you close your eyes. Then pass the bag around, taking it in turns to feel the object, remember, no peeking! Can you think of any words to describe it? Is it smooth, or soft, hairy or lumpy, squishy or hard? Try your best not to say what you think the item is until everyone has had a turn! Then when the bag is back with the game leader you can say what you think was hiding inside before the big reveal! After you have felt all the objects, you could have a turn at being the game leader yourself! Maybe you could find some fruit to put in the bag that the hungry caterpillar ate or something funny like a smelly sock!


Have fun using your sense of touch!


Mrs Marenghi, Mrs Odell and Miss Jones x

Tuesday 12th May


Good morning everyone. It looks like you all had a great day yesterday having a go at the different Hungry Caterpillar activities!

We are so lucky to have such enthusiastic, caring, and supportive families at the Willows. We really can't thank you all enough for all of the time and effort you are putting into your home learning, and it is so lovely to see you all looking after each other and keeping safe, thank you. heart


Today we would like you to focus on the sense of smell. Watch this short clip and then we would like you to play a game called "What's that smell?"


As you know, the hungry caterpillar ate LOTS of different foods which would have all smelt very different too! We would like you to have a go at smelling lots of foods around the house to see if you know what they are. Ask a grown up to find at least 6 foods and place them on a tray for you to smell one at a time. (some ideas could include, garlic, paprika, onion, egg, fish, crisps, cheese, cocoa, yoghurt etc). The tricky part is that you can't look at the foods OR touch them until you have made your guesses, you will need to cover your eyes with a blindfold! Maybe you could play as a family and see who gets the most points. You will be surprised how difficult it can be to smell some things when you can't see them! 


Have fun testing your nose!


Mrs Marenghi, Mrs Odell and Miss Jones x

Monday 11th May


Hello Reception! We can't believe it is Monday again already. We hope you all had a fantastic bank holiday weekend in the sunshine. We also had a garden party and BBQ on Friday to celebrate VE day. We dressed up in Blue, Red and White clothes, painted our faces and played with bubbles, baked biscuits, sang songs, and danced to music. It was a little bit strange having a party with just the four of us but we still had a great day and we were all very tired at the end of it! 


Today we are starting a Hungry Caterpillar theme. If you log on to Tapestry, you will see that Miss Jones and Mrs Odell have set some very exciting activities to get stuck into smiley


Last week we explored 1 of our 5 senses. The taste sense! Today we would like you to focus on the sense of hearing. Watch this short clip about hearing and then we would like you to go on a listening walk. You could do this in your garden, or you could go on a little walk with your family. What sounds can you hear? Are there any very quiet sounds, are there any really loud sounds, can you hear a sound that you don't recognise? 


As an extra challenge you could play a listening game when you get home! Place a variety of objects/musical instruments that make different sounds on a tray and close your eyes. Ask someone in your family to choose one of the objects and make a sound with it. When you open your eyes can you point to the object that made that sound? Could you think of a different sound to make with an object? For example you could tap or gently scratch a tambourine instead of shaking it, or you could make a very quiet noise to really test people's listening skills!


Have fun being super listeners!


Mrs Marenghi, Mrs Odell and Miss Jones x

Thursday 7th May 


Good morning Reception. Did you all have a nice day in the sunshine yesterday? It is going to be another hot day today, and hopefully a lovely bank holiday weekend! 


It is going to be a very special day tomorrow, because it is the 75th anniversary of VE day. You may hear people playing special music in their gardens, and you may see that some people have decorated their houses with bunting if you go on a walk today. Have a look at this PowerPoint about it with a grown up to learn a little bit more.



As it is tradition to have a picnic on VE day, we thought that today you could have a go at preparing some food to enjoy in your garden tomorrow. This also fits in nicely with our taste sense as you will get to eat your yummy food too! smiley 

You could design and label a tasty sandwich, or maybe you could bake something more traditional like scones, jam tarts or a Victoria sponge. Here is a link to some great baking ideas if you are feeling creative! I really like the idea of making a union jack using fruit to decorate a cake! 



Here is a link to Twinkl too if you fancied having a go at doing something crafty they have plenty of colouring in and bunting designs to do. 


Have fun and we look forward to seeing all of the different things you have chosen to do to celebrate VE day!


Enjoy your long weekend!


Mrs Marenghi, Mrs Odell and Miss Jones x

Wednesday 6th May


Good morning Reception! How are you all today? It is much nicer weather than last week and we can see that lots of you have been getting out and enjoying the fresh air again, which is fantastic! smiley  


Over the next few days we thought it would be nice to focus on the 5 senses. Do you know anything about your senses that you could share with your mummy or daddy? Take a look at this clip about the 5 senses and talk about some of the things your found out afterwards. Can you name the parts of the body that help you to see, hear, taste, smell and touch?


Today we are going to focus on the sense of taste. Can you close your eyes and think of your favourite food to eat? Is there a food that you really don't like? Did you know your tongue has around 10, 000 taste buds that help you to taste things that are sweet, salty, bitter and sour? We would like you to put your taste buds to the test by playing a game to see which tastes you like the most!


First of all your grown up needs to sneak away to find 4 different foods and pop them in individual bowls for you to taste. 1 must be sweet, 1 must be salty, 1 must be sour and 1 must be bitter!  When they are ready, you can have a little try of each food, maybe you could use a spoon or just dip your finger in. Can you tell which food is sweet, which one is salty, which one is sour and which one is bitter, without any help? Is there a taste you really liked or didn't like? Maybe for an extra challenge you could think of some different foods for your family to taste! Remember they need to be one of the 4 tastes!

(Grown ups, when I did this we used lemon for sour, cocoa powder for bitter, a tiny bit of salt for salty and sugar for sweet).



Have fun exploring the sense of taste! 


Mrs Marenghi, Mrs Odell and Miss Jones


Tuesday 5th May


Hello Elm and Oak class. How are you all today? We can see lots of you were having fun on Tapestry yesterday, and Mrs Warren has really enjoyed seeing what you have all been up to as well. Thank you for sharing your learning with us all. smiley


Today we would like you to have a go at being artists. If you click on the link below it will take you to a cbeebies show called Get Squiggling. We use this in class and it is a fantastic way for children to draw, using simple lines and shapes. Today's theme is pirates and it will show you how to draw a pirate hat and ship! 


Have a great day.


Mrs Marenghi, Mrs Odell and Miss Jones x



Monday 4th May 


Hello everyone. We hope you all had a nice weekend and you are ready for another week of fun activities! This week our Maths on Tapestry has a pirate theme to it, so we thought you might like to kick start your week by playing a pirate PE game at home! 


For this game, you need to have your listening ears on! It is a good idea to practice the actions before you play. Once you have learned them, stand in front of your grown up and perform the activity they shout out. If you fancy a change, you could have a go at being the person giving the commands too!


Scrub the decks- crouch down and pretend to scrub the floor with your hands

Climb the rigging- pretend to climb a rope ladder

Walk the plank- walk in a perfectly straight line, one foot exactly in front of the other with arms outstretched to the sides

Hit the deck- lie down on your stomachs as quickly as you can

Shark attack- lie on back with arms in the air and shout ARGHHH

Captain's wife- curtsey 

Man the lifeboats- sit down with a partner and face each other. Hold hands, rock back and forwards and sing row row row your boat

Fire the cannon- pretend to light a cannon, shout BOOM and jump in the air


We hope you have fun being pirates! Have a great day.


Mrs Marenghi, Mrs Odell and Miss Jones smiley


Friday 1st May


Hello and happy Friday everyone! How are you today? In my house we are going to have a pretend birthday party today, yesterday we baked cupcakes for it and today we will be setting the table for a party lunch and enjoying some party food. What things do you think we might need to set the table? So far we have got balloons, party hats and party plates. We are also going to play pass the parcel, could you think of any other games we could play?


Today we would like you to have a go at being musicians by following the link below;

Choose ‘Feel the Beat’ and have a listen to ‘I am a Robot’

  • Find the tempo by clapping a steady beat along to the song
  • Now, play the song again and see if you can clap the rhythm of the words (can you add your own robot dance in too?)


Go back and this time choose ‘Listen and layer ‘ for the same song. For this you can change the way the song sounds by choosing which instruments to take away or add. What do you notice about the song when you change it? Do you prefer it when it sounds different? Why?


Have fun feeling the beat!


Mrs Marenghi, Mrs Odell and Miss Jones smiley


Thursday 30th April 


Good morning Elm and Oak class. Did you know that today it is the last day in April? I can't quite believe it, we have been very lucky to have such a hot and sunny April. Do you know what month it will be on Friday? If you are not sure,maybe you have a calendar in your house that you could look at with an adult to find out!


Today we would like you to get your fingers moving! In school we have a finger gym area where the children can take part in a variety of fun activities to strengthen their hand and wrist muscles. This helps children to develop their fine motor skills and their pencil control when writing. It is such an important skill to practice at this age and children benefit from it immensely!


There are so many ways you can support this at home. If you research finger gym activities or fine motor skills activities for children, you will find an abundance of activities online. We have tried to use one today that will use minimal resources as we understand that supplies are limited at the moment!


Find a piece of paper and draw a pattern on it, this could be wavy lines, zig zags, swirls or stars. Once you have drawn the shapes, find some small objects around the house to place over the top of the patterns, trying your best to stick to the lines! I used cheerios, but you could use counters, beads, pom poms, smarties, sequins or anything small that will need to be picked up using the thumb and index finger otherwise known as the 'pincer grip'. You could even turn it into a work of art by gluing the items down! 


Have a lovely day!


Mrs Marenghi, Mrs Odell and Miss Jones x



Wednesday 29th April


Hello Reception, how are you all today? Thank you to everyone who had a go at the dance class yesterday, we really enjoyed watching the videos you posted on Tapestry. I think we definitely have some future dance stars in our class! It kept me and my girls busy for quite a while, and as so many of you had a go, it's only fair that I show you my attempt as promised. As you can probably tell I'm not a natural dancer, but I had lots of fun and I hope you did too 😅


Today we would like you to have a go at making a rain catcher. I remember making one of these when I was in Primary School and I found it very interesting! All you need is a plastic bottle, a sharpie or marker pen, a ruler, and some pebbles to weigh it down. Follow this link for the instructions.


It is a great way to see how much rain falls each day and I think there will be quite a lot this week! You could keep a record of how much rain you collect each day and then talk about which day it rained the most/least at the end of the week. You could even draw a weather  chart each day to monitor the weather. My daughter loves looking at the BBC weather forecast, have you ever seen a daily weather forecast online? It really is up to you how you would like to approach this activity.


Have fun and let's make the most of this rain!


Mrs Marenghi, Miss Jones and Mrs Odell x


Still image for this video

Tuesday 28th April 


Good morning Oak and Elm class. Did you all have a good day yesterday? We went on a walk yesterday and saw some horses playing chase with each other in a field! We also did some gardening and made another obstacle course to keep active outdoors. 


It doesn't look like the sun is going to shine today, so we would like you to have a go at some exercise you can do indoors to keep you and your family busy. Click on the link and have a go at learning this dance routine by Oti Mabuse & Marius Lepure, you might recognise them from Strictly Come Dancing! I will be learning it today with my girls, and I might even post a video of it on here tomorrow if I can see lots of you having a go on Tapestry! laugh 


Enjoy and I look forward to seeing some of you in action!


Mrs Marenghi x


Oh I almost forgot the spot the difference answers! I had 7 differences, socks, belt, chocolate orange, top, sunglasses, headband, tongue. Mila had 6 differences to spot, shoes, shorts, hair, ice lolly, cats and tongue. Well done if you spotted them!





Monday 27th April


Good morning everyone. How was your weekend? We had a great weekend playing in the garden and building dens. We also did lots of dancing, and on Saturday night for a special treat we made popcorn and watched Frozen 2! My favourite song is Lost in the woods, what is your favourite Frozen song?  


Today, for a bit of fun, we would like you to have a go at playing spot the difference. Below are two photographs with up to 12 differences. How many can you spot? Can you write a list of all of the things that are different? How quickly can you spot the differences? Maybe you could ask someone in your family to time you, or you could race against them! I will post the answers tomorrow.


Have fun and enjoy your day!


Mrs Marenghi, Mrs Odell, and Miss Jones x



Friday 24th April 


Hello everyone! Happy Friday smiley We hope you have had a great week. It looks like lots of you have been very busy enjoying all of the activities on Tapestry, thank you so much for all of your ongoing efforts and support with this. 

Yesterday I was in school and we had some very special visitors. Two police officers were walking past the school and popped into the playground to say hello. They are called mounted police officers because they patrol on horses and they told us that they would love to come back one day when we are all back at school to see everyone. The horses were very well behaved and the police officers wanted me to pass on their thanks to you all for staying at home and helping to keep everyone safe.





Today I would like you to have a go at making a leaf crown. All you need to do is collect a variety of leaves from around your garden, or on your daily walk. Then you need to measure a strip of paper or card to fit around your head to make a crown, but do not stick it together just yet. Once you have your strip of card, lie it flat and glue your leaves to it, it is best to use PVA glue to make sure they are secure! Finally, once they have dried, secure the card together to make a crown, pop it on your head and enjoy!


Have a lovely weekend and we look forward to more learning next week!


Mrs Marenghi, Mrs Odell and Miss Jones x



Thursday 23rd April


Good morning everyone, how are you today? Yesterday I spent all day in the garden with my girls, we had a water fight in the paddling pool with water balloons and the hosepipe. It was lots of fun, but we were so noisy that Mr Marenghi had to ask us to be quiet so he could carry on with his work meeting on the computer! frown  


Today we would like you to listen to the story The Paper Dolls, by clicking on this link;  


This is one of my favourite story books, and it is written by a lady called Julia Donaldson. If you have a look around your house you will probably find one of her stories, as she has written lots of fantastic books! After watching the story, we would like you to have a go at making your own paper dolls. Your grown up will need to show you how to do this, but you will be able to decorate and name them yourselves. We look forward to seeing what exciting adventures your paper dolls go on, and what they look like! Parents, if you need a little refresh on how to make them, just click on the link below.


Have a great day and you are all doing an amazing job!


Mrs Marenghi, Miss Jones and Mrs Odell. 

Wednesday 22nd April


Hello Oak and Elm class, how are you all today? It looks like it is going to be another sunny day! Yesterday we made mud pies in the garden. We we supposed to be re-planting our sunflowers outside, but then we got a bit distracted by all the mud and before we knew it I had to get the hosepipe out to spray all the mud off my girls as they looked like mud monsters! They had so much fun but we made a HUGE mess smiley


Today we would like you to have a go at the What's your name challenge. Can you find all the letters in your name using the photo below and do the actions to spell your name? Maybe you could even include your surname! It is a great way to learn how to spell your surname if you don't already know how to do this. 


Thank you so much for everyone's interest in Bug Club. It has been fantastic to see so many of you logging on and reading with such enjoyment. We have had a few questions about how, or when, children will receive new books, so here is a little update.


We will check the Bug Club account every Monday to see if children need any new books and our advice would be to only read 1 or 2 books a week on there. As fantastic as Bug Club is, there are a limited amount of books and we would like you to be able to enjoy reading books at your level for as long as possible. We would highly recommend reading from a variety of sources to foster a love of learning, and whilst we think nothing quite beats reading a physical book together, if you would like to access more stories online there is a free online ebook library available at 

You will need to create a free log in and then search for the level of book you need by selecting your child's age and book band colour or phonics stage.


Books should be read more than once to help with fluency, and it is vital to practice comprehension skills with each book too. Only move onto a new book once your child is able to read it fluently and when they have a good understanding of what they have read by answering questions about the characters/setting/plot. 


Thank you for all of your support and we hope you have a great day!


Mrs Marenghi, Mrs Odell and Miss Jones


Tuesday 21st April 


Good morning Oak and Elm class. How are you today? It is lovely to see how busy you have all been on Tapestry, thank you so much for all of the great things you have been uploading to it. We really enjoy seeing all of you on there as we are missing you very much!


Today we would like you to play a memory game What's missing? with your family. For this game you will need to find 4 things around the house and place them on a tray. Give yourselves 1 minute to look at all of the objects closely and talk about them with your grown up to help you to remember them. After the minute is up, cover the tray with a tea towel and try to remember all of the objects! You could just say them, or try to write a list of the items. If you find it too easy you could add more objects, only give yourself 30 seconds to look at the objects, or you could use objects that are all the same colour! Maybe you could take it in turns to choose different objects from around the house. Who can remember the most objects? We played it yesterday in our house and we managed 8 items all together.


Have fun and stay safe.


Mrs Marenghi, Miss Jones and Mrs Odell

Monday 20th April


Good morning Reception! How are you all today? We hope you all had a great weekend and that you are ready for some more exciting activities today. We pretended that we were going camping on Saturday night, it was a bit chilly but we had great fun toasting marshmallows and sleeping in a tent in the garden. We were even woken up very early in the morning by a hedgehog who came to say hello!


Today we would like you to play a board game with your family. Maybe you could choose one that you haven't played for a while! We would like you to have a go at sharing and taking turns. Can you talk about your favourite part of the game and why with a member of your family afterwards? The favourite game in our house at the moment is "Pigs in Pants". Remember it is not about winning but about having fun and taking part smiley 


Have a super day!


Mrs Marenghi, Mrs Odell, and Miss Jones.

Friday 17th April 


Hello Reception, how are you all today? We hope you are all well and that you enjoyed the beautiful weather yesterday! 

Today it is time to take part in some imaginative play. We would like you to set up a car wash in your garden. For this all you will need is a bucket, some soap, some sponges and your scooters or bikes from the shed.


If you wanted to extend the play, you could make a reception area using a table and chair and perhaps a cashier till to charge your customers. You could even make your own tickets, or write a list of all of the vehicles you have washed. Maybe you could draw a road using chalk for the vehicles to drive in and out of your car wash, the choice is yours! Have fun and we look forward to seeing you all in action on Tapestry!


Have a great day and enjoy your weekends.


We miss you all very much!


Mrs Marenghi, Mrs Odell and Miss Jones x

Thursday 16th April 


Hello Reception! How are you all today? I hope you all had a good sleep and that you are ready for another day of fun at home with your families. We have had lots of picnics in our garden over the last few weeks, and yesterday we invited our teddy bears to come and join us!


Today we would like you to have your own teddy bears picnic in your garden. Can you chat to your family about the things you will need to make the picnic, and could you help to gather all of the things together?  Our teddies liked honey sandwiches and bread sticks! What do your teddy bears like to eat? After our picnic our teddy bears were very cheeky and hid in the garden! We played hide and seek with them for a long time, and then they got a bit sleepy so we tucked them up in bed and read them a story.  What games do your teddies like to play? We are looking forward to seeing what fun and games you all get up to on Tapestry.


Have a lovely day and don't forget to wear your sun cream and sun hats outside!


Mrs Marenghi, Miss Jones and Mrs Odell x

Wednesday 15th April 2020


Good morning everyone. 


We have been very lucky with the weather and today it is going to be another lovely day. To make the most of the sunshine we would like you to go out in your garden today and create some water art. All you need are some old paintbrushes or rollers and a small bucket of water. If you like, you can have a few different buckets of water and you could add food colouring or essences for a nice extra touch. Find a space on your patio, or on a wall and get creative! You could paint patterns, an animal, your face, your name, or things you can see in your garden. When you have finished you could either leave them to dry, or you could have fun washing them away with the hose pipe. 


We are looking forward to seeing your art on Tapestry.


Have fun! 


Mrs Marenghi, Mrs Odell and Miss Jones x

Tuesday 14th April 2020


Good morning everyone. We hope that you are all well and that you have all had a fantastic Easter filled with fun, laughter, and of course, chocolate!  I have spent most of my Easter in the garden with my girls. We have done lots of gardening, built dens, played in the paddling pool, made obstacle courses, gone on treasure hunts and made a minibeast hotel. They have been keeping me very busy!! What have you been up to at home? Have you played any new games or made anything for the first time? 


All of the teachers have been busy making you a little Easter treat. If you haven't watched it yet, it is at the top of the class page on the website. We had lots of fun making it and we hope it makes you all smile.


Today we would like you to practise using scissors! There are lots of simple activities you can do to help you develop your scissor skills. You could draw some simple patterns, such as lines or zig zags on paper or card and cut along the lines, or maybe you have play doh at home that you could roll into sausages and snip into smaller pieces. Make sure you are with an adult when you are using scissors and that you are sitting down comfortably. 


Have a lovely day and stay safe. We are all missing you very much!


The Reception Team x

Friday 27th March


Good morning Reception smiley


Today we would like you to plan and prepare a meal at home with an adult. This could be lunch, or a healthy snack. Think of the ingredients you will need, are you going to make a sandwich, a wrap, a fruit salad, vegetables and dips?

Once you have made your food, can you help to set the table, how many people will need a place setting?


If you're stuck for ideas today, Chester Zoo are doing a live stream from their Facebook page from 10am today. You can enjoy a whole day of live animal antics through a virtual tour and learn about all the different animals. 


Please remember there will be no home learning tasks set over the next 2 weeks as we will be having an Easter break. Please feel free to upload photos to Tapestry as we are really enjoying seeing everything you have been up to. This is completely optional over the break, so no pressure!


Have a lovely Easter, look after each other, be kind and stay healthy.


The Reception staff xx

Thursday 26th March 

Good Morning Everyone! We hope that you enjoyed the lovely weather yesterday. It looks like it is going to be another sunny day today, hooray! laugh 


Today we would like you to get out in the garden and make a Fairy Perfume or a Gnome Potion. It's really simple and a great opportunity for imaginative play. Here is what you need to do;

1. Get a bucket or small tub and put some cold water in it.

2. Go on a scavenger hunt around your garden for leaves, petals, grass, dandelions, fruit etc. 

3. Mix all the ingredients together with a stick.

4. When you are happy with all of your natural ingredients, you can then enjoy pouring the mixture into a variety of different sized tubs and containers. We used a mixture of plastic bottles and jam jars, and we used different sized spoons and pipettes to fill the bottles.

5. If you have any spare, you could add a drop of food colouring or glitter for that extra bit of magic! We used green food colouring and a splash of vanilla extract.

6. Put your perfume or potion somewhere safe, and remember they are only for fairies and gnomes! 


If you need some inspiration, below are some pictures of what my girls made at home yesterday.


Have fun!


Mrs Marenghi x

Homemade fairy perfume and gnome potion.

Wednesday 25th March


Good Morning. Today we would like you to record a funny video to send to your friend to make them laugh. You could sing a song, tell some jokes, do a silly dance, or dress up in a funny costume and read a story! We are excited to see all of your videos, maybe you could ask your grown ups to join in with you! wink


Thank you.


The Reception Staff x


Tuesday 24th March


Good morning everyone, we hope you enjoyed your activities yesterday and that you managed to upload some photos to Tapestry.


Today we would like you to make a writing tray or drawer to keep somewhere you can access easily. Look around the house to see what you can find to put inside it. Can you find different paper/card/post it notes? What type of mark making tools can you find? Pens, pencils, crayons, stamps, stencils? Once you have made your special tray, we would like you to draw a picture or write a little letter to a friend or neighbour. You could put it up in your window for your neighbours to look at, or you could post it to a local friend to make them smile.


Don't forget to check Tapestry for your daily Phonics and Maths activity. We know there was a lot of traffic on there yesterday and it may have taken a while for you to access it. Hopefully it will be easier today. Thank you for your patience!


The Reception Team x

Monday 23rd March


Good Morning.


We hope that you have all enjoyed the sunshine this weekend and that you are staying positive and enjoying time with your family. Below is some information to let you know how we will me managing learning in Reception.


Monday to Friday we will post a fun activity on here for you to enjoy at home which links to the Early Years curriculum. We have tried to make each activity as stress free as possible by using resources you should be able to access around the house, or by providing links to websites! Each of you had a Bug Club log in sent home last week, we will add new books as and when you need them. We will also be setting daily Maths and Phonics activities on Tapestry, so please make sure you log in to your account to keep up to date and to share your home learning with us. Tapestry is a great way for us to keep in touch with each other and we are looking forward to seeing how you are spending your time at home. Please keep us updated with lots of photos and videos to make us smile smiley


Also, Joe Wicks is doing a live PE session for school children on his YouTube channel The Body Coach Monday to Friday 9am. It will be a great way to keep active as a family and to start the day with a good giggle!


Monday 23rd Task

Create a life sized drawing of yourself. Ask someone to draw around you. You could do it on paper or outside using chalk. Is there anyone else in your family you could draw around? Who is the tallest/shortest?


We would like you to have fun and learn together and we appreciate that it may be difficult to complete some tasks when lots of you are also juggling working from home and trying to support other children with their learning too. Please remember, it is all about balance. Just do what you can, and know that we are here to support you every step of the way.  


Take care of each other and look after yourselves.


The Reception Staff heart