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Year 4

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Wednesday 1st April 2020. 


Hi Everyone!


Just thought I'd send a quick message to you all out there, to say hello and let you know what I've been up to! I hope you are all well, and of course keeping active and exercising your brains too. What's that you're all thinking? You miss my jokes?....and you're desperate for another one? Well...if you insist....'How do you plan a space party?'....'PLANET EARLY' hahahaha!


As you can imagine, I've been kept very busy by my two children. Today for example, has been a combination of recreating the Olympics in the back garden with Alex, (you should try it!) as well as standing in goal as he smashed (according to him...) 300 goals past me. Then it was inside for some yoga with Charlotte....we just sat on the floor and closed our eyes for a bit, and then the session finished with her painting my nails a lovely pink colour. 


I've done Joe Wicks PE Workout everyday, some days twice! I hope you are keeping moving a lot, its so good for you in so many ways. 


I'll leave you with two ideas for things you could have a go at during the holidays, based on things we have done in our house over the last few days;


Yesterday, Alex asked me what the worlds tallest building was. We used this as an opportunity for some research, and found it was the Burj Khalifa, in Dubai. (828 metres!) we made a fact file about it, then imagined it laid down flat on the floor, and used our daily exercise to run the distance to actually see how high it was, as if we were running up it to the top! Then we ran back down. Try it out with a parent! You wont believe how tall it is, especially if you can do it on a nice long road. (Make sure you practise social distancing!)


Secondly, and simply, try and include 3 random acts of kindness in each day. This needs no explanation, you're all brilliant at it anyway.


As always, its strange 'talking' to you, without you laughing, listening and questioning the things we discuss. I hope that you are all well, and i cant wait to hear all your news when i get the chance to see you all again! 


See you soon, 


Mr Codd


Wednesday 1st April




I hope you are all feeling good, eating well and keeping energised. I hope you're finding time to sit down and do nothing at points too! I'm just posting on here to check in with you all, although it is odd speaking to you and hearing nothing back! I just imagine that you read what I say and immediately erupt into a ginormous fit of laughter. It's what normally happens in the classroom, so I think it's only fair to assume you still find me funny. It's only been a week and a half; you don't lose it!


Anyways, I'm going to update you on everything that I've been up to:


1) I have still not shaved my head. My hair is currently in a good place right now and I don't want to upset it. I'm more interested to see how I would look with long hair than just be bald. I'm sure I'll see enough of that sight in later years.


2) I am practising my push ups every day. I have currently managed to get down to a one handed push-up. I never managed to come back up mind, but don't worry, by next week, it WILL be one finger. You have my word. 


3) Apart from that, I'm trying to balance my time well. I'm reading every day, playing a bit of Xbox and watching some series on TV. I also downloaded Tik Tok... it's actually not that bad! I'm not sure I can do all that dancing though. But hey, I have time on my hands, you never know!


4) Generally though, I'm missing my job. Teaching is hard, but the best part is you guys. I know we all say it, but we genuinely cannot wait to get back in and be with you all again. That's right, I can do soppy as well as funny!


Anyways, I hope you keep going and keep smiling. A smile can go a long way for you, and even further for others.


I'll be back next Wednesday to talk rubbish once more. 


See you all soon! 


Mr Jennings :)






Friday 27th March 2020


Hi everyone! Happy Friday! I hope you got on ok with your learning challenges today. This will be the last time I set you some learning challenges, before Easter. I want to say to you that you have EARNED a rest this holiday. We have worked so hard this term, since Christmas, and achieved so much. You need to make sure you have a rest. All of the activities, set by all three of your teachers will be available over the holidays should you wish to have a look, and you have a spare half an hour, but remember a holiday is called a holiday for a reason…to have a good rest! Mr Jennings, Miss Horne and I will be posting things occasionally over the holidays, just to say hello, on these pages so keep looking at the website!


Mr Codd’s Reading Group – Today’s reading challenge is to go on bug club and complete some books that have been set for you on there. As we go through the Easter Holidays, it is very important to keep reading. If you have a spare 30 minutes, you can write your own comprehension questions, create character profiles, book reviews (would you recommend the book etc) While we won’t set tasks throughout the Easter holidays, reading is a subject where you can do your own learning! Please make sure you keep up with your reading.


Mr Codd’s Writing Group – I hope you have managed to get some writing done based on ‘Back In Time’ (Our Roman version!) Wherever you are up to, opening, build up or dilemma, it would be a shame to stop now, wouldn’t it? Haha. So, next we look at a resolution and ending. The resolution is where the character gets in the most danger and escapes just in time. The ending is where everything returns to normal. Maybe the character has some explaining to do? Remember, I’m not there to guide you through, so please, just enjoy the opportunity to write and don’t worry too much about the features! Use our model text to help you.


Mr Codd’s Numeracy Group – We have worked so well on fractions this half term. Today will be the last challenges I will set on this topic. You will find a PowerPoint that you can look through based on Fractions of amounts which we covered a couple of weeks ago. This work covers both Year 3 and 4 objectives, but its sensible to try and go through as much as you can, regardless of the year group you are in. Also below are some Varied Fluency and Problem Solving Sheets. Feel free to have a go at as many questions as you can over the next couple of weeks. Answer in your home learning book.


Mr Codd’s Physical Challenge – I hope you enjoyed yesterday’s 5,4,3,2,1 challenge…I got soundly beaten by my two children, who didn’t understand that throwing the ball at Daddy’s face at 100 miles an hour wasn’t part of the game…..argh! Haha! Today I would like you to Have a look at the A-Z sheet attached below. You can create all sorts of games with this…be creative! Making names of family etc is always good (I SHOULD INSIST THAT IN THE INTERESTS OF SAFETY, THAT YOU REPLACE ‘M’ WITH ANOTHER ACTIVITY….NO SOMERSAULTS PLEASE...I DO WANT TO SEE YOU ALL INJURY FREE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!) If anyone can complete ‘MR CODD IS AWESOME’ in moves then surely house points will be in order when we get back to school…


Miss Horne’s Art Challenge -

Using whatever materials you have (e.g. paint, felt tips, coloured pencil crayons, collage, pencil, crayons, chalk etc.) create a portrait of someone who lives in your house. You could research a famous artist (such as Van Gogh) and create a portrait in the same style. See Miss Horne’s ‘Portraits PowerPoint’ to give you some ideas.


Ok, so well done, that’s a week done, went quick didn’t it?! A week closer to us all being together learning and having fun again! Work hard today, and make sure you rest over the Holidays. I’ll send you a message next week…. Look out for it!

Mr Codd's Physical Challenge - Friday 27th March 2020

Mr Codd's Physical Challenge - Friday 27th March 2020 1



Friday 27th March


Friday is here! Well done everybody on getting through this very different and difficult week. Sometimes it’s hard working at school, but to sit down at home and crack on with learning - where you could easily get distracted- is an even bigger accomplishment. I am proud of you for all sticking at it! One more lot of learning today and then we will be taking a two week break from work for Easter. However, that doesn’t mean me, Mr Codd or Miss Horne will be silent for 2 weeks. Oh no! Check back in every Wednesday for an update on what I am up to. There may even be an update on my one finger press-up. Mrs Warren will also be posting her ‘Thought for the Day’ regularly on her blog throughout the break, so there are lots of reasons to stay tuned! Enjoy today’s tasks!


Mr Jennings’ Numeracy Group

1) 10 minutes of Numbots. Is anybody close to diamond yet?!

2) I thought we could finish off area with more of a practical activity today. I would like you to find the area of the following things around your house:

  • A TV
  • A phone or tablet
  • Your favourite book
  • Your kitchen table (if rectangular)
  • A room of your choice (e.g bedroom, living room)


You may need a large ruler or a tape measure for some of the items, and I will allow you to use a calculator for the multiplication if your length and width are BOTH more than one-digit numbers.


Mr Jennings’ Literacy Group

On our last day of work before Easter, I want us to think positively about coming back to school. So today I want you to write a poem entitled: ‘When I get back to school’. I have attached a sheet with the rough structure of the poem, but I would like every verse to begin with the sentence, ‘When I get back to school’. Tell me what you are going to do when you get back. Think of your friends, teachers, playtimes, lessons etc. It might be things you miss or it might be something you want to do differently! We’ll be back in no time!


Reading Challenge

Head over to Bug Club and work through a book of your choice.


Physical Challenge

‘A sticky, sticky waffle!’ – Follow the link for a classic Go Noodle routine. Could you even make up your own actions? Make up your own verse maybe?


Art Challenge

Using whatever materials you have (e.g. paint, felt tips, coloured pencil crayons, collage, pencil, crayons, chalk etc.) create a portrait of someone who lives in your house. You could research a famous artist (such as Van Gogh) and create a portrait in the same style. I have attached a Portraits PowerPoint to give you some ideas.


Again, great job on a first week of home learning. I can't wait to be stood back in front of you all making a fool of myself! Talk soon :) 




Friday's activities - Mr Jennings (27/3/20)



Thursday 26th March 


Another day down, another day closer to seeing you guys! I hope you’re having a good balance of work and play and taking an interest in all the challenges circulating on the internet at the minute. Whilst I’m not too keen on shaving my head like half of the men in the country seem to be doing (it is early days though, give it a couple of weeks), I am interested by some of the challenges out there. Whilst I was impressed by Mr Byrne’s toilet roll challenge over on his page, I have a different goal: to complete the one finger press-up. That’s right. ONE FINGER! If technology is my friend over the next few days, hopefully I will be able to provide you with video evidence of this amazing feat should I achieve it. In the meantime, I’ll give you a few more home-learning tasks to crack on with…


Mr Jennings’ Numeracy Group

  1. Spend 15 minutes on TTRS, again spending time in the ‘Garage’ and ‘Soundcheck’ area. Keep recording your scores for the ‘Soundcheck’ area. Your aim is to just be one question better or one second faster!


  1. If you think you are a master of area, then you may be ready to take on today’s challenge. Today, you will be asked to find the area of rectilinear shapes, as opposed to simple squares and rectangles. In addition, there will be NO squares to count either! You’ll have to come up with a new strategy to take this on. I think it is the hardest task I have set you so far! (My tip is to maybe split the shapes up into smaller ones you know how to work with.)



Mr Jennings’ Literacy Group

Today I am going to set you a writing task. Earlier in the year, we completed a great setting description of the Chocolate Room, and today I am going to ask you to write another one for me. I have attached a sheet below with a variety of different settings for you to describe, but this time I would like you to make ME the main character. Imagine I arrive in this setting, explore and look around, before then leaving your writing on a cliff hanger… The key thing to remember when describing a setting is that you should be able to close your eyes and know where everything is and how it looks, feels, smells etc. I have attached the toolkit from earlier in the year and some tools will be useful, but others may not be. You guys know I love writing so I would like to read these when you come back in. The aim is to either scare me, or make me laugh!


Science Challenge

Head over to Mr Codd’s post to check out today’s science challenge. The pepper and soap experiment is a great one that I know you will enjoy!


Reading Challenge

For today’s reading challenge, I need you ALL to do something for me. As I don’t have access to a garden in my apartment, I am really missing out on grabbing a good book and reading outside. So, on my behalf, throw on your best pair of shades, lie down on the grass, read a few chapters and make up for my lost time!


Physical Challenge

I know so many of you have been doing the Joe Wicks workouts in the morning, so this is for those of you who haven’t tried it yet. You can either catch it live at 9am on his YouTube channel, or later in the day. Enjoy the sweat!


And before I go, I just want to make sure that you are checking out Mrs Warren’s blog on the website too, where she will post her ‘Thought for the Day’. Considering we have so much time on our hands, sometimes proper thinking can be forgotten. Take the time to read it over and think about something meaningful, and not just what you’re going to have for tea! J



Thursday 26th March 2020.


Hi Guys!! Well, another beautiful day of sunshine. I had a laugh to myself today about how many times we looked out of the window in the classroom through the winter and saw rainy skies, and I promised you the sun would arrive one day….and it has! Can’t wait to share a sunny day with you all. I hope you are all ok, and your learning tasks are still going well.


Mr Codd’s Reading Group – Today I would like you to read a book, either a whole short story, or a chapter of a book. Share it with a parent or grown up, and read a page each. Who can add the best expression?


Mr Codd’s Writing Group – Today I would like you to continue with our new story, based on ‘Back In Time.’ Remember, I uploaded the story yesterday, and asked you to write a short opening. It would be a shame to leave it there, (even though you know I love a good cliff-hanger!) Today I would like you to write the build-up, and dilemma section, in your home learning book. Remember;

Build Up Section – this is where the character will realise they are in a different time; the Historical clues will help here. What would they see from Roman times? How would they feel?

Dilemma – This section is where danger presents itself. What could happen to alarm or scare our character? Think about the kinds of dangers that may have been around in Roman times!

Please spend some more time reading ‘Back In Time’ to remind you of the adjectives, adverbs, punctuation and similes you should be used to using by now.


Mr Codd’s Numeracy Group – Begin todays lesson by choosing a times table from; x4,x6,x8. How many times can you write the whole times table for that number up to x12 in 5 minutes? Set a timer…you’ll be surprised at how fast the time goes! This is a favourite game of ours in our Numeracy group. Challenge yourself if you’d like by changing the times table each time!

For your main lesson, please complete the activities on fractions set on Mathletics. Tomorrow will be our last session on Fractions. You have done brilliantly so far!


Mr Codd’s Physical Challenge – Today I am setting one of my favourites, and an activity you’ll probably remember from my PE lessons…5,4,3,2,1..BLAST OFF! So, grab a ball, any size, even a scrunched up bit of paper will do. Stand 2 metres apart (a sensible distance I feel!) Then throw the ball / paper to a partner. You do 5 throws without dropping the ball, and then swap places, then 4 throws and catches and swap places….and so on until you do 1…and swap and shout BLAST OFF! If its easy, then challenge yourselves. Can you throw and catch with one hand? Your weaker hand? Throw and turn around? The possibilities are endless.


Mr Codd’s Science Activity – Of course, at the moment, we all know how important it is to wash our hands. Some of you may remember the mini experiment we did in my class a while back with glitter? (I put glitter on my hands and we shook hands around the class….the glitter spread from hand to hand to show how easy it is for germs to spread!) How did we get the glitter off? By washing our hands thoroughly! My children at home have been asking me lots of questions about why they need to wash their hands so much and so tomorrow while you try this experiment, I will do it with them too! It will involve Pepper! (Powdered pepper is best) Imagine that the pepper flakes are germs…

Find the attached experiment sheet, and carry it out. There are suggestions for trying other liquids in the water too.

For those of you that are budding Scientists….(I know a lot of you are!) Perhaps you might like to write your findings up as a science report as an optional task?


Lastly, a quick reminder that Mrs Warren has a page / area for posting at the bottom of our ‘class pages’ area on the website. Make sure you try and have a look at what she is posting! Speak to you tomorrow.

Mr Codd's Science Experiment 26th March 2020

Wednesday 25th March 2020.


Hi everyone. I know that you have probably only just stopped laughing at yesterday’s fantastic joke, so I won’t distract you with another one! It was another sunny day yesterday, and again I hope you got some time outside in the fresh air, as well as finding your learning tasks ok. I am of course missing you all, and I’m counting down the days until I see you again. Fingers crossed its soon!


Mr Codd’s Reading Group – We have assigned Bug Club books, and you all took home your tried and tested passwords last week. Today I would like you to choose a book or two from your allocation and have a read. Don’t forget to tap on the bug icons to reveal questions about what you have just read.


Mr Codd’s Literacy Group – Time to get writing! Back in school we had been working hard on the ‘Back in Time’ Text. This was a time travel story (I’ve posted it below so you can remind yourselves) We had just got to ‘boxing up’ the story and discussing our own ideas. Today I would like you to write the opening to a story about a similar tale of time travel, but the character will travel back to Ancient Rome! You can use our model story to guide you as closely as you wish. Don’t forget correct punctuation, similes, fronted adverbials, historical clues and adjectives and adverbs to interest the reader. Remember it’s just the opening today. Use the model text to see what it should look like. How will your character travel back in time? Where will they be at the beginning of the story? Will you start with some speech?


Mr Codd’s Numeracy Group – I had a quick look on the Mathletics website earlier and I was delighted that so many of you had had a go at the tasks posted earlier this week. Not only this, you had done brilliantly on your tasks! I have assigned more tasks based on our fractions theme today, so you should be able to access them. Don’t forget a daily dose of 15 minutes on TTRS or will be a great mental starter!


Mr Codd’s Physical Challenge – I hope you have been inspired by Joe Wicks YouTube challenges. (We are trying so hard to get a ‘Willows Shout Out’ for you all!! Keep doing the routines and listening out…) Today I want you to become your very own Joe Wicks! Create an 8 exercise ‘circuit’ of routines and teach it to your family, you could even film it just like the man himself! (You can even use Joe Wicks ideas for your routine) Remember its 30 seconds activity and then rest for 30 seconds. Write down your plan, maybe with diagrams. When we get back to school I will use the best ones in some of our PE lessons!


Wellness Wednesday Activity – While we have a Wellness Wednesday on the first Wednesday of every half term in school, we thought that it would be good to have one every week while we are off. This week’s focus is ‘Gratitude.’ While things are a bit difficult for us at the moment, I always say to you in school that we should try and find a positive in every challenging situation! The sheet below will ask you to create your own gratitude jar, to focus your thoughts on the things that you can do, despite the current challenging situation.


Good Luck with your tasks as always, I’ll be in touch tomorrow!



Wednesday 25th March 


Good morning! 


I hope you're all well and still smiling! See below for today's learning tasks :)  


Mr Jennings' Numeracy Group

1) Choose your favourite song right now and see if you can write out all of your times tables, in order, before the song ends. Your aim, just like our normal TTRS sessions, is to do it as quickly as you can. Can you challenge someone else in your household? Loser does 100 star jumps! 


2) A bit more area work today, building up to two trickier tasks for tomorrow and Friday! Please complete the sheet attached below, where you may need to do a bit more drawing of shapes than the past two days.


Mr Jennings' Literacy Group

I'm using these first few days to recap topics we have already covered in Literacy. Today is one of my personal favourites: the apostrophe. I like the apostrophe so much because I like spotting the many occasions where professional companies use it incorrectly on their signs. Please complete the expected sheet attached below (questions start at 4a and end at 6b), and spot those mistakes!


Wellness Wednesday Activity

We normally only have a ‘Wellness Wednesday’ once a half term, but I thought while we are not in school we would have one every week. This weeks focus is gratitude, which is particularly important at this time when we are living a bit of a different lifestyle! See the sheet below which will challenge you to create your own gratitude jar. Hopefully it will allow you to focus on the things you still have and can still do, despite this difficult situation. 


Reading Challenge 

Hop onto Bug Club and read one book of your choice. 


Physical Challenge

Throw and catch a ball 20 times with each person in your house WITHOUT dropping it! If you drop it, go right back to the start. If you want a proper challenge, throw and catch with your weaker hand.  



Wednesday's activities - Mr Jennings (25/3/20)


TUESDAY 24th March 2020

Hi Everyone!

I hope you had a good day yesterday, and that you managed to find all of the online learning tasks ok?

Your tasks for today are below. I know that you’ll be missing my hilarious jokes already… so here’s one to get your day off to a good start. ‘how do you make an octopus laugh? With ten-tickles!’ Haha!  (Ten-tickles? Tentacles?....OK I thought it was funny) Good luck with your tasks today.


Mr Codd’s Literacy Group – I hope you managed to get some sentences written with our ‘direct speech’ focus yesterday. Today I have included a link below to a document. There are 10 sentences each with a verb missing. Choose a verb from the word bank, and write the sentence in your book, with correct punctuation! Feel free to change the sentences, but just make sure they are punctuated correctly! (The answers, or suggestions are at the bottom of the document….no peeping!)


Mr Codd’s Reading Group – Today I would like you to read personally again. 20/30 minutes. Just enjoy reading a book of your choice. Feel free to talk to an adult about what you have read, characters, events etc. Find a sunny, or cosy spot in your house, relax and read.


Mr Codd’s Numeracy Group –

Spend 15 minutes on TTRS. As Yesterday.

Today we are going to demonstrate fractions of amounts using items from around the house (if you can find them!) You could use rice grains, dried pasta, marbles, sweets etc. for example show 3/8 of 24. When we worked on fractions of amounts we constantly used the idea of sweets….so 24 sweets shared by 8 groups. We shared them out and then counted how many in 3 of those groups. So 3/8 of 24 is 9.

Can you demonstrate the following fractions using items from around the house? If you can, explain how you do this to a parent or helper.

2/4 of 20             3/4 of 16             6/8 of 32             1/7 of 35             3/10 of 60           1/3 of 15

1/3 of 30             1/9 of 36             4/5 of 20             2/3 of 21             5/6 of 30             6/7 of 28

Challenge – I am reading a book which is 55 pages long. I have read 1/5 of it. How many pages have I got left to read?


Mr Codd’s Physical Challenge – For today’s physical challenge I want you to incorporate the alphabet! (This will feature in more challenges over the coming days…) Today I want you to think of a physical activity for every letter of the alphabet, and mime a sport or physical activity beginning with that letter for 30 seconds! See if someone in your house can guess them all. You have to carry out the mime for 30 seconds, as energetically as possible, before a guess is allowed. (For example, as I type this I am Ballet Dancing…so that’s B!… Good Luck with X!)

PSHE Challenge:

Kindness is something we can show at all times. By being kind we can strengthen our relationships and build new ones. It can help us feel happier too and releases happy chemicals within our body. This week’s PSHE challenge is to ask someone in your house if they need help. It could be as simple as helping to wash the pots or tidy up around the house.  You could even help your siblings with their home learning! Kindness makes our world a happy and caring place to live in. Let’s show kindness to others and help them feel good.


Good luck with your tasks for today. Remember that Miss Horne and Mr Jennings are uploading daily tasks too, and there are learning packs at the bottom of the class pages, so if you want extra you can always find more.

Mr Codd's Literacy - Punctuating direct speech 24th March 2020



Tuesday 24th March 


Good morning! 


I hope your first day of home learning was successful. I managed to get one last McDonalds meal before it shut, so I count my day as somewhat successful too! Please see below for today's tasks. Missing you all already! 


Mr Jennings' Numeracy Group

Well done to all of you yesterday who completed your Mathletics activities. It was great to see so many of you record scores of 100%! You are developing a strong grasp of this topic. Now for today!


1) Set a timer for ten minutes and see how many levels you can complete on Numbots!


2) Leading on from yesterday, and with Easter in mind, I have set you the challenge of finding the area of some chocolate boxes! (Sheet attached below) Complete either the 2 or 3 star worksheet (as well as the written questions) depending on the level of challenge you want. Answers are attached for checking, but no peeking! 


Mr Jennings' Literacy Group

Please log on to (see your log in slip in your home learning book) and complete the test set on fronted adverbials and standard english (gangster grammar!) 


Reading Challenge

Today, I would like you to take part in reading tennis. Sit down with a book with somebody in your house and take it in turns to read pages with each other. Who can be more entertaining and dramatic? I can think of some of you who'll have that in the bag!


Physical Challenge 

Complete a Go Noodle activity. You can either head over to the official website ( and create a FREE account, or you can head over to YouTube, where a variety of routines are posted for free. Your challenge is to rope your parents into doing a routine, all videos welcome!


Here is my recommended routine. A new class favourite! 


PSHE Challenge

Kindness is something we can show at all times. By being kind we can strengthen our relationships and build new ones. It can help us feel happier too and releases happy chemicals within our body. This week’s PSHE challenge is to ask someone in your house if they need help. It could be as simple as helping to wash the pots or tidy up around the house.  You could even help your siblings with their home learning! Kindness makes our world a happy and caring place to live in. Let’s show kindness to others and help them feel good.

Tuesday's activities - Mr Jennings (24/3/20)



Monday 23rd March 2020


Hi Everyone!

I hope you had a good weekend. The sun was shining! Here are your very first home learning tasks. Remember to work hard on them, as if you were in our classrooms. Don’t feel that you have to do them all at once, make sure you take breaks in between.


Mr Codd's Literacy Group – My Year 3 Literacy group have had some SPAG.COM work set for them. Log in and you should be able to find the tasks. You will need to complete the tasks before doing anything else. For my Year 4’s I would like you to do some sentences in your ‘home learning books.’ Write out a page of sentences, that contain direct speech. You need to remember to include inverted commas, and use other punctuation within the inverted commas! (remember to use alternatives to ‘said!’)

e.g – ‘I can’t believe the sun is shining again!’ exclaimed mum.


Mr Codd's Reading Group– Find a book that you enjoy and simply read for enjoyment today. Find a quiet place and settle down for 20 minutes.


Mr Codd's Numeracy Group – I have set my Numeracy group, (Both Year 3 and 4) some Mathletics challenges for day 1. These are related to fractions. Also, Log into TTRS and complete activities from the ‘garage’ and sound check area. This is the multiplication check area of the site.


Physical Challenge – Joe Wicks is giving his first ever YouTube ‘PE lesson’ this morning at 9am. Your task is to find it online and give it a go! You can have a go at any of the lower key stage 2 teachers’ physical challenges….or all of them!


Theme – History

Recently we have been learning about Roman structures (Aqueduct, basilica, bathhouse) However, arguably the most famous Roman structure still standing is Hadrian’s Wall. Can you use the internet to help you answer these 5 questions about it? Try to write answers in your own words as much as you can! (Useful to Google: ‘Hadrian’s Wall KS2)

•          What is Hadrian’s Wall?

•          Where is Hadrian’s wall? (Where does it start and end too!)

•          When was it built?/How long did it take to build?

•          Why was Hadrian’s Wall built?

•          How impressive do you think it is out of 10? Give a reason for your answer.


Good luck with your tasks. Remember, if you find them a bit too tricky, or you aren’t sure what to do, do something else based on that subject instead! As long as you do something. We are thinking about you all, and we will be back in touch with your learning tasks tomorrow morning!

Mr Codd.

Mr Jennings

Monday 23/3/20


Hello to all!


I hope you’re feeling well and have kept yourselves busy inside! I’m currently stocking up on some good books to read and trying hard not to cry because I have no football to watch! :(


Whatever you get up to though, it’s important that you get a balance of everything! Read, watch TV, play some board games (Frustration is a personal favourite of mine!), and most of all, enjoy spending time with your family. 


Below are the home learning tasks for today. Enjoy!


Mr Jennings' Numeracy Group

1) Log in to TTRS and complete at least one session on the 'Garage' and the 'Soundcheck' area. Record your 'Soundcheck' score in your home learning book and track your progress over time!


2) Log in to Mathletics and complete the three activities assigned. They are all to do with area, which is what we spent last week learning about. Remember, area is the space INSIDE a shape! 


3) If you are looking for extra learning tasks, I have attached a home learning numeracy pack that you can work through. However, this is NOT a requirement. This is only if you would like to complete more. 


Mr Jennings' Literacy Group


I have posted a document below which is your activity today. It will test your knowledge of word classes (nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs). Please complete the third sheet (the beetle). You won’t be able to colour the words in unfortunately; however, you could bust out your pencil case and write the nouns/adjectives/verbs and adverbs in that colour? Maybe make a nice mind map? Alternatively, you could just write them underneath a heading if you like! (Answers attached to check afterwards)


Theme – History (Same for all of Y3/4)

Recently we have been learning about Roman structures (Aqueduct, basilica, bathhouse) However, arguably the most famous Roman structure still standing is Hadrian’s Wall. Can you use the internet to help you answer these 5 questions about it? Try to write answers in your own words as much as you can! (Useful to Google: ‘Hadrian’s Wall KS2)

  • What is Hadrian’s Wall?
  • Where is Hadrian’s wall? (Where does it start and end too!)
  • When was it built?/How long did it take to build?
  • Why was Hadrian’s Wall built?
  • How impressive do you think it is out of 10? Give a reason for your answer.


Reading challenge

Find the quietest place in the house and read for 20 minutes. Feel free to attempt Miss Horne or Mr Codd's activity if you prefer!


Physical challenge:

Can you do 20 push ups in all of the rooms in your house?! (You can go on your knees if it is easier!) Again, if you would prefer Miss Horne or Mr Codd's activity, feel free. 


Keep taking regular breaks, none of these activities should take you ages! 


Best of luck, and enjoy your day! 


Mr Jennings :)