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Year 6

Friday 27th March

Morning everyone!  I don't know about you all, but I can't believe that it's only been a week since we had to finish school!  Which also means you've made it to the end of your first week of learning from home!  Well done - and well done to all your parents!!


We would have been breaking up for the Easter holidays today, so we'll give you a well deserved break from home learning.  After today's tasks, we won't be posing anything again until Tuesday 14th April.  However, Mrs Warren will continue to update her page which can be found on the class pages page below the year group stars.


In the meantime, stay safe everyone.  We're missing you and thinking about you all yesheart



Mr Byrne's Group and Miss Richardson's Group


No prizes for guessing what today's maths is!  That's right, it wouldn't be a Friday without a bit of arithmetic!  Let's hope you haven't lost those skills already?!? surprise

Queen's Party answers for those who want to see if they cracked it!


On Wednesday, you were given the task of designing a futuristic something!  Car, bag, phone, shoes - whatever you liked.  Today's task is to produce an advert to persuade people to buy it.  This could be a poster or a leaflet.  The document below will give you some ideas of how to make it successful.


Today, we want you to become the Joe Wicks of your household!  Get in the garden, pick some tunes and put your family through their paces with your very own fitness class!


I always enjoy our Friday afternoon computing sessions.  So, just to keep your coding on track, try and complete an hour of code!  We've used it before.  Look for an activity that appeals and then give it a go!

It's Friday! Let's Sing!

Open the PDF to join in!

Thursday 26th March


Hi everyone!  Missing you all so much that we're almost contemplating downloading TikTok! Think it will take a few more weeks of lockdown before that day arrives though hahaha!!! laugh Today's tasks will consist of the usual SPaG, Reading, Literacy, Maths, and we have also included an Art lesson for you.


Today's tasks are below.



Miss Richardson's Group & Mr Byrne’s Group


As usual 15 mins of TTRS! Because it is going to be such a nice day again, I would like you to do some outdoor Maths! Given the circumstances, I would suggest doing these in your garden (or out on your once a day walk if it is feasible/possible). There are 1, 2 and 3 star activities to choose from. It's your choice which ones you can do/think are manageable. Enjoy!



Today, we would like you to write an alternative ending to a well known story. It can be whatever ending you like and can go with whatever story you choose. It could be a myth, fairytale, etc. Try and think about all of the things we discuss in lessons - subordinate clauses, relative clauses, parenthesis, adverbs, varied punctuation and sentence length etc. Once you have finished, read it out to someone at home and see if they can decide which story you decided to change!



A lot of the teachers have been getting involved (and struggling) with the Joe Wicks workouts. Hope you guys are finding them alright! Today's challenge: Dancing! No real explanation needed here. Turn up the music and have a dance party! If you have siblings, why not do a dance off?! If there's only you, turn up those tunes and dance until you drop! wink



The focus for the first lesson is ' drawing feathers'. Have a look through the lesson presentation that will show you lots of different pictures of feathers. The 'learning task' will give you further instructions. Have fun!

Wednesday 25th March


Hi everyone.  You're now approaching the half way point of your first week learning at home!  We hope it's all still going well.  We can see those of you that have been busy on Mathletics and SPaG, so a huge thank you and well done to those people (and their parents for all the encouragement!).


Today's tasks are below.



Mr Byrne's Group.


A bit of logical reasoning today!!  I'll post the answers tomorrow so you can see how you got on.  Don't forget, at least 15 minutes TTRS too!

Miss Richardson's Group.


15 minutes of TTRS and then get yourselves stuck into these discussion problems!



A bit of a change for the last part of the week before you finish for the 'holidays'......


Today, we'd like you to get a bit more creative and design a car for the future!  Or, if you'd prefer, another form of transport.  In fact, we're happy for you to design anything futuristic - a bag, phone, trainers, TV - anything you fancy really!  Draw some diagrams, label them and include as much detail about the features as you can.  You can let your imagination run wild with this one!  The more you know about about your product, the better because you will eventually produce an advertising leaflet about it!


The prompt below might help too.


We've set more SPAG to keep you going too!  And remember to keep reading!  Why not get your parents to read to you too!  Also, David Walliams is offering a free audio book a day for 30 days if you like his stuff:


I did the Joe Wicks workout with my boys yesterday which was fun!  So why not give it another go?!  Alternatively, try to do 10 exercises in each of the rooms in your house:  10 press ups in the kitchen, 10 star jumps in the bathroom etc!

Loo Roll Keepy Uppy Challenge

Still image for this video
Just out of interest, how are you getting on with your Keepy uppies?!?

Tuesday 23rd March

Hi everyone.


We hope you all had a good first day learning at home and that everything was nice and straight forward!  It was very quiet in school without you all - and not in a good way crying.


Here are today's activities.  As always, there will be Maths, English, Physical Activity, and today's other subject is Science.  This is the last lesson on our evolution theme.


We said yesterday that you could finish the SPAG task over 2 days, so you have today to get that finished.  Well done to the 10 people who actually completed it all in one go!!  Some very impressive scores too!  We'll make another task live that you can do if you want to but this is optional if you've completed yesterday's task.


Below is another writing prompt.  Remember, if you enjoyed yesterday's and want to develop it further then that's fine.  After the Easter holiday, we'd like to look into ways of sharing your writing with one another so watch this space!


Remember, at least 20 minutes reading a day too!  We checked on Bugclub today and there are plenty of books available to you all.




Mr Byrne's Group


Thank you to the 9 people who completed the MAGIC SYMBOLS activity and the 1 person who completed the EXPLORING AN ADDITION GAME.  


More investigative themed work today.  Firstly,  Perimeter Detectives 2.  We've done work on perimeter (and area) recently.  This task requires you to explore this a bit further.  Then there's a money investigation from the resource hub called Harry's Bike Shop.  The activities from the resource hub are really good as I can see all the working out you put!  You can even send me a message on there if you're unsure about anything. 


Remember to complete at least 15 minutes of TTRS.



Miss Richardson's Group


Well done to everyone that had completed the 'are you ready' section - it would appear you all very much are ready! Just a little tip.. I don't think you can dip in and out of Mathletics the same way you can with Once you have started the work, you have to finish (or at least keep it up on the screen)  otherwise it won't save your progress frown


Well done to all 7 of you that actually completed the rest of the work.... Could we perhaps try and increase that number today please?!?! There are a few more investigations on there. Remember - these are supposed to get you thinking! You won't get them done in the click of a finger. Enjoy!




We know quite a few of you did the live Joe Wicks Body Coach workout on Youtube at 9am yestarday morning.  If you didn't (and even if you did!) give this a go today!  If you don't read this until after 9am then don't panic!!  These videos also get uploaded to The Body Coach Channel after the live show.




Below are all the resources you need to explore the Advantages and Disadvantages of Adaptation.  There is an activity to go along with this.  The PowerPoint also talks about Human Intervention but there is no task for you to do - it's just for your information.  There is no expectation on you to print resources out.  You could draw the table into your home learning book.


If you can, open the PowerPoint to enjoy the interactivity of the presentation.  If you don't have the PowerPoint software, the PDF version is there too.



Hi Year 6!  Hope you're all OK and have managed to have a nice weekend.  By 10am every morning this week, we'll have posted some tasks to keep you busy at home - you're welcome!! wink


Any English activities are for you all, but maths activities will be based on the group you are in.  It'll be obvious which is which.


This is a very new experience for us all, so keep calm and do your best!  And remember: be good for your parents!


There are a few daily tasks as standard that you should try to complete everyday:


1.  Maths - 15 Minutes TTRS

2.  English - 20 Minutes Reading - this can be a book from home or a Bugclub Book.

3.  PE - at least 2, 5-a-day dance routines.

Monday 23rd March 2020




By now, you should be progressing with your Yellow Spotted Lizard non-chronological report.  This week, we'd like you to finish your final copy of this.


Everyday, we'll set you a short writing task.  You shouldn't spend more than 20 - 30 minutes on this.  The idea is to write for pleasure - enjoy writing! 

Even though the prompt will change daily, if you are enjoying writing about one particular prompt and want to carry it on over a number of days then that is fine - as long as you try to spend 20-30 minutes a day writing. yes




We have set an activity on  As this is a 50 question activity, you can complete this over 2 days.  




Mr Byrne's Group


As well as at least 15 minutes TTRS, I've set 2 mathletics activities.  MAGIC SYMBOLS 2 and Exploring an Addition Game (I'm hoping the second activity works - it's an area of mathletics I've never used before?!?).


Miss Richardson's Group


As well as at least 15 minutes TTRS, I've set 3 mathletics activities. First, I would like to see what you know before we start our new topic (Properties of Shapes). I would also like you to get your teeth stuck into the 2 reasoning and problem solving questions - Family Ages and Dartboard Scores. Enjoy!