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Year 6

Monday 20th - Friday 24th July

It's arrived!  The last week of term!!  It was lovely to see those of you who came in to have your leavers photo taken last Friday, and we look forward to seeing you again this week.


If you're still working at home this week, then please follow the lessons on BBC Bitesize


We'll continue to check Seesaw.  Have a good week!

Monday 13th - Friday 17th July

Hello everyone!  We hope you've had a great weekend, especially that sunny Sunday!!  yes  We only have 2 weeks left until the end of term when we have to say goodbye to you!  crying.



Below are 3 activities to get you through to Wednesday.  Don't worry, we'll update the page later this week with some more activities for Thursday and Friday!!  Feel free to do them in any order you like!

Thursday and Friday Maths - 10 activities to split over the next 2 days. Answers will be posted on Friday!


Not sure where you're all up to with regards to last weeks English, so we have uploaded another booklet for you to complete if you have finished. If you've not finished, don't worry - continue working through the booklet from last week and then move onto this weeks. 

We would also like you to work through the 'Getting Ready for Year 7' booklet. It will help you with your transition to secondary school.

Monday 6th - Friday 10th July

Happy Monday everyone.  We hope you all had a great weekend even though it was a bit wet and windy!  Only 3 more weeks until the end of term - can you believe it?!  And only 3 more weeks of home learning.



Back by popular demand, another Murder Mystery Maths this week!  Everything you need is below.  Clue 2 is probably the trickiest!  So, we've included a link to a video below to help.




There is one final financial literacy lesson for you to do and then we would like you to work through the 'A Cloudy Lesson' booklet. It will give you instructions on where to pause the video etc. Please do this and answer the questions in your home learning book. You can then work through the activities at your leisure; you may want to do one activity a day, or more. We will leave that option with you smiley

Creative Challenge

Hopefully you are enjoying the travel booklets as much as the children in school! Here are a further 5 for you to work your way through. I don't know about you guys, but we have learnt lots of interesting facts about all of the different countries!

Monday 29th June - Friday 3rd July

Good morning all!  We hope you've all had a good weekend.  If you're an early bird looking to catch the worm, don't worry, this week's work will be here by 10am at the very latest...



This week we'd like you to have a go at planning your own music festival!  Everything you need is below.  A PowerPoint introduces each lesson, and we've hopefully put the correct activity sheets under each PowerPoint!  We've even included the Teacher's Notes to help you.  Enjoy!


We hope you have been enjoying the financial literacy topic and getting your head around everything. You should hopefully have learnt a lot of important information when it comes to dealing with your own money when you're older! smiley 

Please continue to work your way through lessons 6-10 this week.


This week we are having a Geography focus. Pick a country a day and work your way through the booklet. If you don't have access to a printer and can't do some of the activities such as the colouring etc. then don't worry about it. Just do what you can yes

A Zoom meeting invite has been sent to those of you who haven't returned to school.  Please find it on Seesaw.  Thank you!

***Leavers Book Profile. We are trying to produce a leavers book for Year 6. Please write a couple of paragraphs about yourself and upload them to Seesaw or email it to school. Use the prompt questions below to help you write it. Deadline 29th June.

Monday 22nd June - Friday 26th June

Good morning everyone. Hope you've had a lovely weekend yes


In literacy this week, we will be looking at a series of lessons that will help you with finances (money). Sometimes they will have a more mathematical style of work, other days it will take a literacy style. We think it looks very good and will teach you lots of important values that you will need for when you're a little bit older!! What are we like ey - turning you into mini adults before you're even at secondary school!! wink


Back by popular demand - Murder Mystery Maths!  Below you'll find the story, all five clues (complete one per day) and the suspects.  


A history theme today.  Please use BBC Bitesize to learn about the KIngdom of Benin.


This week is National School Sport Week.  Why not try to complete the Rainbow Challenge below.


There is also Bitesize for you to go on , Mathletics,, Bugclub and TTRS.

Have a good week! smiley

National Schools Sports Week

Monday 15th June - Friday 19th June

Happy Monday everyone!  Hope you've all had a great weekend.  

This week for your home learning, we'd like you to carry out the three daily tasks set on BBC Bitesize:

Each day, you'll be presented with a Maths and English activity, as well as one other curriculum subject.  Keep posting your work on Seesaw so we can see how you are getting on.  We'll also try to check Seesaw during the day, so please let us know if you're unsure about anything.

We're looking forward to seeing those of you returning on Wednesday.  For those who aren't, we'll continue to set work and, where possible, it will mirror the work being completed in school. yes

Friday 12th June


Can you believe we've reached Friday already!?!  We hope you've all had a good week.  Not long now until a lot of you will be back with us at school.  Those already here have been working really hard and have enjoyed the week yes

Have a great weekend, and we'll catch up with you on Monday.



Hopefully your putting the finishing touches to your monthly bank statements and are deciding if you ever want to be a grown up?!  We've had loads of fun with it at school:  it's been interesting chatting about them and hearing everyone justifying their decisions - like why someone needed 3 laptops!?! laugh  Petrol costs proved tricky though - our brains have definitely started whirring back into action!  Please upload your final statements onto Seesaw yes


English - 100 Word Challenge

Today, we would like you to write 100 words!  Not just any old words of course, but an entertaining and enthralling 100 word adventure!  There is one simple rule (well apart from all the normal rules of good writingwink) and that is at some point you must include the phrase:  that's when I knew I should run  Do you think 100 words sounds a lot?  Well, as a bit of guidance, the Maths paragraph above contains 62 words.....surprise Now, as we're really nice teachers (oh yes we are!!), we'll allow a few words below or above, but the idea is to be as close to 100 words as possible.  We're hoping that it will really make you think about your sentences and word choices carefully.  Remember - writing should entertain the reader.  Post your creations to Seesaw. yes


Creative Challenge - Speaking and Listening - Articulate

We thought you might like a bit of Friday fun today, so we are asking you to play a game of Articulate!  There is an online version available here:


If you've not played it before, it's very simple.  Click on a card and work through the words, trying to explain each word to somebody without actually saying it!  Maybe set yourself a time limit and see how many cards you can get through in that time!  Feel free to play with family or friends over Zoom etc.  Both Miss Richardson and I really like this game, so we hope you enjoy it!


Thursday 11th June

Good morning everyone. Less than a week to go now until most of us will get to see each other!! Hopefully you're all as excited as we are! smiley Brace yourselves for lots of early nights though... we don't know about the children who are currently in school with us, but Mr Byrne and I are absolutely exhausted by the end of the day! I was so tired yesterday that I was in bed and ready to go to sleep at 9pm!!! What a rookie ey! winklaugh



As we have been focusing on the Black Lives Matter movement and influential black people, we thought it would be fitting for you to learn about another key person in black history. You've learnt about Martin Luther King Jr, now it's time to learn about Rosa Parks. Hopefully lots of you will already know who she is. There is a 1*, 2* and 3* comprehension - 3* being the trickiest/most challenging. So perhaps look at the comprehension questions before you decide which comprehension to choose. We have also attached a wordsearch about the Civil Rights Movement - if you're not sure what this is, perhaps you could do some research all about it? There are 9 questions to answer and the answers are at the bottom. Please try and answer the questions (you may have to use Google) rather than just finding the words in the wordsearch.



It would seem that being an adult isn't all it's cracked up to be ey?! wink It was good to see how some of you were budgeting your month and what houses, etc., you chose. Please do continue working your way through the booklet. Some of you may have noticed an error in the price of one of the houses that you could buy. The mortgage for the biggest house should be £960 per month, not £1140 (see house photos).  If you did use the incorrect price, don't change everything!  You can just calculate the difference and add it to your income column and change your balance accordingly yes.


Creative Challenge

Some of you have uploaded your research about Edward Colston which is brilliant!! However, we would like you to really take care with your presentation. We want you to either present your work as a poster, PowerPoint, video, slideshow, whatever method you find appropriate! But it must be engaging to the person you are showing it to. Therefore things like colour, pictures, sub-headings. key facts, etc are a lot easier for the audience to read and enjoy.


If you have finished your presentation about Edward Colston, then click on the following link and learn all about a little girl called Ruby Bridges. She's very interesting!! Again - present your work whichever way you find easiest. All that we ask is that it is engaging!   There is also a quiz at the very bottom of the page if you would like to test your knowledge! smiley Enjoy!

Wednesday 10th June


It was great seeing so many of you getting straight back in to your work after the holiday!  Well done and thank you!  We had a good first day back too with a small group of Year 6 children.  We were able to put them all together in a 'learning bubble' too which was really nice.  We're looking forward to seeing more of you return soon yes.



We have a little project lined up for you for the rest of the week (3 days should be enough we think).  We'll be doing this activity in school too.  It's designed to give you an insight into life as a grown up!! wink  Everything you need is below.  Read the COST OF LIVING BOOKLET really carefully first - REALLY carefully!   Your task is complete when you have a months bank statement having considered everything involved in the cost of living booklet!  Good luck - and enjoy still being a child!! laugh



It seemed that a lot of you struggled with the Louisiana Literacy Test yesterday! The children who were in school certainly did! To be fair... us adults found it mind boggling as well! Can you believe that that test was supposedly for children aged 10-11?! Crazy!

Click on the PDF for today's literacy and work your way through.


Creative Challenge - History

We began our work on Edward Colston at school today - we found it interesting and hope you did too!  If you'd like to add to what you've got so far, try reading about the statue itself.  Again, it's really fascinating (well, us teachers think it is anyway!).

Tuesday 9th June


Welcome back everyone!  We hope you had a lovely time over the half term break and enjoyed the amazing weather!  I think it's fair to say we've got an interesting half term ahead of us!  We will be welcoming a few of you back at school today, and then will look forward to more of you returning on the 17th June.  Not everybody is returning, which we completely understand, so we'll look forward to working with you remotely and catching up with what you're up to on Seesaw.


Home learning resources will follow a similar structure to last term.  Maths, English and one other.  We called it 'Creative Challenge' last term, but it might vary a bit more this term.  We will try our best to ensure that what we are doing in school is mirrored in your home learning.



Today, we'd like you to follow the BBC's Daily Bitesize Maths Lesson.  There are videos to watch to help you understand and activities for you to complete.



I'm sure many of you may have heard in the news, over the past couple of weeks, about the 'Black Lives Matter' movement. We therefore thought: what better opportunity than to find out all about a social activist and Baptist minister who played a key role in the American civil rights movement! Please work your way through the PowerPoint and upload your work to Seesaw.


Creative Challenge - History

You'll probably recognise this image which appeared in the press over the weekend:


This week, we'd like you to find out who Edward Colston was.  You may like to produce a PowerPoint about him, or maybe create a documentary style film.  It's up to you how you present your findings.  We'd also be really interested to find out your opinions on Colston.  He was certainly an interesting character.  Don't forget to upload your work to Seesaw. yes


Optional Extras

Each day, BBC Bitesize produce 3 lessons:  English, Maths and one other.  You are more than welcome to do any of these in addition to the work we set. yes


Friday 22nd May

Well, can you believe it?  We've reached another holiday!?  Personally, I can't believe how quickly time is going now.  It was 2 months ago on Wednesday when we had to shut the door and say goodbye to you all.


And now it's a holiday, you deserve just that - a break from work!  You (and your families) have done so incredibly well over the last couple of months.  You should all be very proud of yourselves. 


You've no doubt heard about the government's plans to reopen schools after the holiday for certain children?   This means we might be welcoming some of you back to school very soon!  It will be so good to see you if it all goes plan.


Now for some exciting news! laugh  Well, I say exciting, it all depends what you think of Miss Richardson and I, and whether you want us invading your living rooms?! wink  Over the next week or so, we're going to be writing to your parents to explain how we would like to arrange a Zoom call with you all. It will give us chance to see how you're getting on (we'll be doing it in small groups) and explain a few things about what school will be like if you are returning.  We'll be looking to do this the week beginning 1st June so watch this space!


Take care, stay safe and enjoy the break!


Your last bit of work.  Enjoy!



Lots of you did brilliantly with yesterday's clue despite the couple of errors on the sheet (sorry about that indecision!!)  while some found it quite a challenge - but there is nothing wrong with that!  Get those brains working over time!

Today's final clue is below with a list of suspects.  We'll finish with an easy one because it's Friday!



That's right - Activity 5! This activity is all about quotations. Now, we have done a lot of these when it came to writing our 'Holes' newspaper report. Contrary to what the work says about skipping Activity 6, I would still like you to do it! Obviously you only need to do Activity 5 today - but for those of you who have whizzed on, it is good to recap and come up with your own quotes and how to introduce them. 


Creative Challenge

Hopefully you're well on your way to nearly finishing the acts of kindness! It's been lovely to see some of your posts! heart

Continue to be kind my little angels and always remember - 'No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted'.

Thursday 21st May


Good morning my little iced gems - Mr B here.... kidding! πŸ˜‚ it’s Miss R of course! Speaking of iced gems.. does anyone still buy those? Are they still a thing? I loved them when I was younger!! And the ones with chocolate on them 😍 Anyway, this week is nearly over - how quickly has that gone?! Only one more day to go and it’s the whit holiday! 

Hope you all managed to spend some time in the beautiful sunshine yesterday! I felt like I was on holiday! The only thing that was missing was a swimming pool to cool down in 😎 I’ve also found a new obsession - fruit salad! So delicious, so healthy, so bright and just so YUM 😍 


Anyroadddddd apologies for the waffle! Continue to make us proud and smash your way through the second to last half term as a Year 6! πŸ₯ΊπŸ˜§


Lotsa smiles and virtual high fives! βœ‹πŸ½πŸ’›

‘A warm smile is the universal language of kindness’



Today you should have moved onto Activity 4. Well done to everyone that has posted their work so far - the persuasive writing has been brilliant πŸ‘πŸ½ Can’t wait for lockdown to be over so I can come and buy all of your amazing advertised houses πŸ€ͺ🀣 Continue to push yourselves guys, you’re doing brilliantly πŸ‘πŸ½


Great work yesterday!  For those who found it a bit tricky, it was all about looking at the reflected image of the pig pen letters.  Clue 4 today and yet again, it requires the pig pen letters.  Just a little helping hand with this one.  Line A-B, C-D and E-F go back to their starting position for each clue.  Hopefully you'll see what I mean when you get started.  yes

Files for Thursday 21st May

Wednesday 20th May


Good morning, everyone! 


From that reserved greeting, you've probably worked out that it's me, Mr B, at the controls today!  We always have this little bit before we introduce the day's tasks, and Miss Richardson and I often wonder if you can work out who is writing it! 


So, how are you all?  Lots of you look like you been taking the time to consider the kind things you can do for others this week. yes.  I don't know about you, but it makes me feel better knowing I've done something kind for someone else.  It can be just a small thing.  I made my family some chocolate crispy cakes yesterday! 

But, did you realise that you've been doing a kind thing for me this week, and as a result, have been doing wonders for my mental health!?  I've been reading through the leavers assembly stories you've started sending in and they are really making me smile! smiley  I don't care what the rest of the teachers say, I think you lot are all ok!  wink 

Seriously though, I really hope that by actually writing these memories down it's making you feel happy too.  Now is as good a time as any to remember all the good times. laugh


Anyway, enough of this mushy stuff: it's time for you to get stuck into some work!  And remember - BE GOOD! 


Have a great day, my little fluffalumps coated in chocolate sauce and sprinkles  - ok, no, that kind of stuff only works for Miss Richardson!!



Well done with everything you have posted so far! It honestly makes us so proud to see how hard you're working. Some of you have even flow ahead and are onto activity 4, which is amazing! Remember guys - if you want to do more than one activity a day then that is absolutely fine yes You should be onto Activity 3 today (at least!). 



Lots of you did very well with yesterday's tricky clue.  Today's is even trickier though!  You'll need yesterday's sheet too, as it uses the Pig Pen letters again.  You'll also need a mirror.  But what ever you do, don't look into it - you don't want it to break!!  Only joking!! laughwink  File is below. yes


Creative Challenge

It honestly makes me so so happy to see all of you being so kind! heart Your family will be loving it as well!! The kindness acts I'm going to tick off today are: paying someone a compliment (done that to you guys!) and writing someone a poem:


Just Remember


Just remember your times tables, we said, you need to know them all,

Breakfast is a must for you to grow big, strong and tall,

Adjectives, adverbs, and use the correct tense, you'll need it when you write,

As each and every one of you tried with all your might,

And learn those spellings too, we groaned, each and every rule,

They won't treat you like this, we moaned, or be as understanding at high school,

"Where's your homework again?" We screamed. "You won't get away with this!"

"You've given us too much already and now I'm stressed out, Miss!

We've made mistakes and learned so much, we're ready to try our best,

But Miss, it's unfair, we've worked our socks off, and now they've cancelled our test!"


Just remember my little ones, you've made us proud,

But forget the learning, your personalities will stand out from the crowd,

Just remember you never gave up when it seemed so far from the start,

You learned as much as you possibly could and really did play your part,

Just remember what you've achieved and who you've become now,

Stand in front of your family, proud, and tell them to clap as you bow!

Just remember my Year 6's, what matters is you're safe and well,

And one day, this insane story, you'll be able to share and tell,

And one last thing, we do miss you, but sure we'll see you before school's end,

Just remember, look after each other, love, and be kind to all family and each and every friend.



Files for Wednesday 20th May

Tuesday 19th May


Good morningggggg sweet angel delights! Hope you’re all in tip, top shape and have started your week on a high πŸ‘πŸ½ As usual, it has been lovely to see what you are uploading to Seesaw! We’ve had a few Year 6 Leavers’ Assembly memories so far.yesWe’re so excited to read your stories and memories so remember to email them πŸ˜  Look back to Monday's files to see the sort of things we want at the moment.

Not much to say today with regards to work, as it’s all just a continuation. So we shall leave you with a lovely quote that is very fitting to our theme this week...

‘The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the greatest intention’


Continue to be kind guys! Have the best day! ✨



Thank you to those of you who posted your spy names - they were ace! πŸ˜‚ You should have all completed the intro and Activity 1. We’d like you to complete Activity 2 today please. I haven’t put the work in a files section for today, so you’ll have to scroll down to yesterday’s work. 



Lots of excellent detective work uploaded to Seesaw yesterday!  Well done!  Clue 2 can be found below.  Hope you can 'angle' it?!  Do you see what I did there?  Handle it.....angle it......laugh  You'll see when you look at the clue! wink

Creative Challenge 

Again, I’m not going to repost the acts of kindness. Hopefully you’re all getting stuck into being kind and picking a few of these each day! You might even want to tick off or colour in the ones that you’ve achieved! Pick a few more today and let us know how you get on 😊

Files for Tuesday 19th May

Monday 18th May


Good morning you bunch of loaded waffles with crushed mini oreo cookies, mini marshmallows, fresh strawberries, sliced banana, smothered in chocolate and toffee sauce. Wow - who's hungry?! laugh


Anyway, enough of the silliness. This week is Mental Health Awareness Week and the theme is 'kindness'. This means that all of your creative challenges for this week are going to link to 'kindness' in some way. The theme kindness was chosen because research shows that it strengthens relationships, develops community and deepens solidarity. Wisdom from every culture across history recognises that kindness is something that all human beings need to experience and practise to be fully alive.  
We really hope you get stuck in, as these past few weeks have had a real strain on both children and adults alike!


I created the collage above by searching for quotes about kindness on Google Images and copying and pasting them onto a word document. It was quite therapeutic and lovely to read all of the different quotes. If you’ve got time, or you’re at a loose end, why not create your own kindness collage? 
Anyway, we hope you have a lovely, positive week. Only this week to go and then it's the holidays!! I feel like we've only just been off! Oh how time flies when you’re living through a pandemic... 🀦🏽‍♀️
But in all seriousness, keep up your hard work guys - you're all doing amazingly well and we couldn’t be prouder!


We love you, we miss you and we hope to see you soon! heart



I have uploaded the whole document for you to work through at your leisure. I would aim to complete one activity a day. However, there are 13 activities and some are shorter than others.... so you may want to do more than one, but I shall leave that up to you! Read through the booklet as it does all flow and you need to go in the correct order, if you skip bits out, you may struggle. This is quite an exciting piece of work. I can't wait to see what your spy names are guys! cool



We thought we'd finish this term with another Murder Mystery as you always do really well with them!  This one is quite a tricky one though, so you'll need to concentrate hard!  We'll post one clue everyday and then reveal the suspects on Friday.  Good luck!


Leavers Assembly

Take a look at the document below.  We'll see what we can do to make this happen for you all in some way! yes


Creative Challenge

As we mentioned earlier, the theme for this week is kindness. We have uploaded 27 acts of kindness that we would like you to complete this week. We would suggest doing maybe 4 a day?? But again, you are all old enough to decide for yourselves how you would like to split the acts. If you are able to upload a picture of you doing the act of kindness (some you won't have the option to) then please do! We may even post some pictures of us doing them as well! Enjoy guys and remember - 'Kindness costs nothing, but means everything'.

Friday15th May

It's F-F-F-Frriiiddaayyyyyy!!  And SATs are officially over!!  Well the silly ones are anyway!!  Well done to those of you who took part and entered into the spirit of them!  Lots of funny answers have kept us smiling!


But on a more serious note, you'll have heard by now that the government have done a u-turn about the real SATs, and they'll now take place the week beginning the 15th June.  At least all your hard work before lockdown won't have been for nothing. yes


Anyway, back to Silly SATs week.  What would normally happen on the Friday of SATs is one of two things:  1.  We quickly look through the papers, look at all the questions you've got wrong and then punish you by beating you with a stick - or in severe cases - THE HAMMER!!  2.  We have a nice chill out and relax with a film and maybe a game of something on the field.  So as we're not at school with you, option 1 is out!  Therefore today, we'd like you to do just that.  Once you've done Miss Richardson's  challenge for the day, and finished your apprentice challenge (we're looking forward to seeing your sales pitches), you have our permission to take it easy this afternoon and relax with a film.  Why not let us know which one you watched - you could even do us a little film review.


To summarise Friday 15th May:

1.  Carry out Miss Richardson's Challenge for the day

2.  Finish your apprentice challenge and upload your sales pitch to Seesaw

3.  Upload your Rube Goldberg projects from this week's creative challenge to Seesaw

4.  Enjoy a chill out this afternoon.

5.  Realise Mr Byrne was joking about the real SATs. wink


Have a fab weekend everyone.  Next week, believe it or not, is the last week before the half term holidays!  A little spoiler alert for some of next week's home learning tasks.......Leavers Assembly this space!


Stay happy and stay safe!!  Over and out!


Addition Challenge

Day 5 - Make your own breakfast!! Why not go above and beyond and make it for everyone in your household?? Especially if your parents are working from home - a simple act of kindness goes a long way! heart

Thursday 14th May


Hey, Hi, Howdy, Hello there! Today would have been your final SATs paper! And we would have all breathed a big sigh of relief and had the best day ever tomorrow! However, it was simply not meant to be! The best day ever tomorrow can still happen though! yes 

Short but sweet speech today guys (which I'm sure some of you will be thrilled about haha!!) so I shall bid you farewell, have a good day and speak to you tomorrow! heart



Today is reasoning and before anyone's head rolls off.... YES THEY ARE SILLY QUESTIONS! Give them a good go! I reckon a lot of you are going to struggle today haha! winklaugh Can't wait to see what some of your answers are! Don't worry about posting every single answer to Seesaw - just post your funniest answers to us! Enjoyyy! yes

I've also put the arithmetic answers up for you to mark your test! From what we saw, it looks like you all did a brilliant job - well done yes


Apprentice Business Challenge

Today is all about you and whether you have the gift of the gab!  Can you perform under pressure?  Which one of you could sell ice to the Eskimos?  You have today and tomorrow to complete the final part of the Apprentice challenge. Your task is to INVENT and SELL your own product!  Everything you need is below.  Good luck!!


Additional Challenge

Absolutely loved seeing some of you doing the washing and making your beds yesterday. Well done guys yes Today's challenge is cooking!! Don't worry if you don't have much to cook, making a sandwich or something will also be accepted! Anything you've had a good helping hand in or done yourself is good enough for us! smiley

Wednesday 13th May


Good morning you little superstars! Tell you what, don't know about you but these weeks are WHIZZING by!!! I cannot believe how fast time is going! Hope you are still managing to find lots of things to do to fill your time. I've rekindled my passion for reading again. It's really helped with my mood and made me feel calm and also sleepy at an appropriate time instead of 2am (that's been my bedtime as of late - how silly!!). I've also been taking my dogs out for the usual hour of exercise, but I'm quite pleased I can now take them further afield and for longer. Anyway...enough about me!! 

Hope you're all staying safe and taking care of yourselves and others (within 2m if necessary)! We're all still missing you lots and lots! Thanks to everyone still uploading to Seesaw - some of you have gone a bit quiet?!?! crying


Love to you all heart



Today would have been the arithmetic paper, which we know all of you would have smashed! This one isn't as silly as the previous papers have been (although some of the instructions are a bit silly). You can follow the instructions on the paper, or you can give yourself a shorter allocated time allowance. The normal paper would have had 36 questions and you would have been given 30 minutes to complete it... This should help you decide how much time you should be given for this paper that only has 15 questions. Good luck yes


Business Apprentice - Session 3

To those who uploaded their work to Seesaw yesterday - THANK YOU!!  We loved seeing your fantastic creativity, art work and well thought out slogans. yes  If you didn't get chance to upload it, don't panic - when ever you get chance is fine.  Today, Sir Alan Lord wants to put your advertising skills to the test.  You got a bit of practice at this with last weeks task so you should be one step ahead of the game!  Good Luck.  Everything you need is below.


Additional Tasks

We were going to set this next week, but decided this week is a little less hectic smiley So we are setting you a 30 day challenge to learn / achieve / try and do every day for the next 30 days. Because we are already at Wednesday, we have revealed the first 3 tasks for you (couldn't start from day 1 today, it would feel too odd!!). A lot of you are likely to already know how to do a lot of the tasks, so if it says 'learn' change it to 'do' yes If you think they're photo-worthy, upload them to Seesaw! Enjoy!! laugh

Tuesday 12th May


Good morning everyone! In case you haven't figured it out by now... this week is SILLY SATs week!! Which means that there will be a slight 'silly' twist to each of the papers we set for you. My apologies for yesterday's spelling test.... the video I'd recorded wouldn't upload, so I recorded it again and that one wouldn't upload either!!! So after much frustration, I found a teacher on YouTube who was reading the exact same spellings out to his class. However, I forgot that the names wouldn't be the same as his names (I thought you'd possibly figure this out, but perhaps not winklaugh). But not to worry! Let's all just pretend Monday didn't happen yes I shall no longer be posting videos because they are not my friend! Instead, we shall set clear WRITTEN instructions and hopefully you will all understand what you're doing.


All the best gang! yesheart



Today's SATs paper would have been Reading. Now before we go any further and you think we've lost the plot..... YES THE QUESTIONS ARE SILLY!!!!! Just go with it and have fun.... It made me laugh reading this paper! Imagine if the SATs questions were really like this?! How crazy would that be!! So I promise you will find all that you need in the files section today, there shall be no silly video from me! Just a clear set of instructions and the work below! Enjoyyy! yes


I've also uploaded the spelling script I used. You will then hopefully understand that it was only the names that were different, the actual sentences and words were exactly the same in my video (that you obviously didn't see) and also in the video on YouTube. Get your parents to try it out for you again if you like! Or we can just say Monday was a write off and move swiftly on to the rest of the week! laugh


Business Apprentice Challenge

We saw a few great company names and logos yesterday which people had really thought about yes.  Some of you even started thinking about your products, but you can hold back on that for now!  Because today, Sir Alan Lord has a task for you to see if you have what it takes when working under pressure.  He has put your company in touch with another company who have just designed a new chocolate bar.They want your company to design packaging and a slogan for the chocolate bar to be part of the marketing campaign.  All the files you need are below.  Good luck!

Monday 11th May

Still image for this video

To all of our Year 6's,


As SATs week arrives it is not quite the same, 

The tests that were printed this year never came,

The displays all still up; walls full of Math's 'rules',

But Year 6 very different, at present, in schools.


For some of you, happiness, lots of relief,

For other a side of pure disbelief,

That you worked really hard in advance of this week,

Expected and Greater Depth marks you did seek.


Algebra, fractions, the times table drills,

Inference, retrieval, in-depth reading skills,

Past present, progressive...and all the SPaG terms,

You've practised and mastered them over the years.


Fear not though, the SATs, yes, won't happen this term,

But remember tests don't measure everything you learn,

Primary subjects are varied; you've always tried your best,

And many of those skills that you've gained can't be defined.


So here at The Willows, you've made us so proud,

We sit here with pride and we shout this out loud...

"Year 6 you amaze us, you've come incredibly far...

And we don't need a test to see how amazing you are!" yes


Love From 

Miss Richardson and Mr Byrne heart



Today you would have been sitting the SPaG SATs, which would have consisted of the usual grammar and punctuation questions and then a spelling test. So as not to disappoint, we have managed to get our hands on some SATs papers that lots of other Year 6's will be sitting today!!! Yippeee!!! laughcheeky

In the 'files section' you will find the spelling sheet that has the sentences I shall read out - you can print off if you like (or you can just write them down on a piece of paper). You then need to click on the YouTube link that will have the spelling test on it....Listen to the man read out the spellings for you and then write them down (obviously).

Originally I (Miss R) was going to record myself reading out the spellings, however, my videos won't load. So this man is reading the exact same spellings. Hope this makes sense.... 

You will also find the SPaG paper.... there is a slight twist... but you will be able to figure it out if you read the front page CAREFULLY. Open up the file, read the instructions and away you go! wink


Business Apprentice Challenge

As you'll be completing your SATs at home this week (which will of course cover both Maths and English) we've decided to set you something a little different to run along side them.  We want to see which of you has what it takes to become the next Steve Jobs, Cher Wang or Alan Sugar!  You've no doubt watched The Apprentice on TV?   Now you are going to try and become the next Apprentice!  Each day, we'll set a task for you to complete to test your business credentials.  Make sure you keep us updated on Seesaw!  Good look.

These are the video clips which have links to them in the Business Apprentice - Session 1 document above.  I had a few problems getting the links to work last night so have put them here too - just in case. yes

How to create a great brand name | Jonathan Bell

Ever wondered why companies like Apple, Uber and AirBnB are so easily identified in a sea of advertising? Jonathan Bell gives step-by-step advice on how to c...


How to design a successful logo? How to build a famous brand for your business? Some of the most well-known logos in the world were purposefully designed to ...



So – you must know by now how much we love a random Creative Challenge! Well this one is certainly random, but should give you the chance to get SUPER creative and prove to be lots of fun along the way!

Have a look at the ‘Task Intro’ to find out what we want you to do, then work your way through the stages in the ‘Task Help Sheet’.

This challenge is designed to last the whole week, so you might want to do one or two of the stages each day, or go crazy and do the whole thing in one go!

Right – get cracking! We can’t wait to see what you come up with on Seesaw at the end of the week!

OK Go!

Thursday 7th May

Hello Year 6!  Isn't it great that it's only Thursday, but we're allowed to have that Friday feeling as tomorrow is a Bank Holiday!!  Plus, the sun is meant to be shining too which is very unusual for a bank holiday! laugh


But as you all know, it's a very special one as it marks the 75th anniversary of the Allies victory in Europe, which would eventually lead to the end of World War 2, and the end of Adolf Hitler's mission to take over the world - we certainly have lot to be thankful for!  But of course you already know this after our WWII theme during the autumn term!  Take some time to reflect on Friday. yes


During a broadcast from Downing street on the 8th May, 1945, British Prime Minister, Winston Churchill said, "We may allow ourselves a brief period of rejoicing, but let us not forget for a moment the toils and efforts that lie ahead."  Quite ironic as we await Boris Johnson's announcement on Sunday!


Blimey -  that all got a bit serious!  That's enough about politics for now!  Enjoy your long weekend, have fun and take care!  See you Monday!



Another comprehension today gang! Oh shush, I can hear your moans from here!!! Today's comprehension focuses on the song 'Someone You Loved' by Lewis Capaldi. Again, similar to yesterday, the questions are very inference based and therefore your answers will be quite subjective. You shall find everything you need further down in the files section. Enjoy! yes



It's been really interesting reading the budgets, costings and ticket prices you've been posting on Seesaw.  There is so much variety - I doubt it would have been like this if we'd actually done it at school!  Well done!  One or two of you have posted your final activity - Annual Profits - and some of the figures are amazing!!  Keep them coming!  Some true entrepreneurs in the making!  


Creative Challenge

We loooooved yesterdays sneaky peeks, but today is the BIG DAY....and we cant wait to see those dance routines! Who has found some 1940s music to compliment their performance?

Files you'll need for Thursday 7th

Wednesday 6th May


Good morninggggg campers! Hope you're wide eyed and bushy tailed for the day ahead! After all, it is only one more day until the weekend! Woop woop!!! It was so lovely to see some fresh faces on Seesaw yesterday!! So welcome and as ever, it's lovely to hear from you! laughheart It was especially great to hear from all six (remind me how many children are actually in Year 6 again?!?!?).... yes SIX children (I was replying nearly all day to all of those comments - it was quite frankly overwhelming wink) about which Quarantine houses you would like to live in. It would be interesting to see how many of you absent ones are posting on the likes of TikTok.... hmmmmm..... But we shall give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that you are all, in fact, completing your work winkcheeky

We've added a few extra activities for you to do today. We would like you to definitely complete the english, maths and creative challenge, however, if you have a little more time on your hands or you're bored etc.... then there's a few extra tasks for you to sink your teeth into!

Enjoyyyy!!! Ciao for now! smileyyes



Today's Disney film we are jumping into is the newest version of Aladdin! Today's work is a comprehension that focuses on the song 'Speechless', sung by Princess Jasmine. We have uploaded the lyrics and a link for you to listen to the song on the first page, and if you scroll down there are some questions for you to answer (work in the files section). A lot of these questions involve your inference skills, so take a moment, think carefully and away you go! 

P.s. Hope you spend all day with the song stuck in your head like I now have hahahaha!! Pretty good tune to be fair! yes Very empowering! laugh



Your theme parks are really taking shape now. It was really interesting looking at your ticket prices in particular yesterday, and seeing who is playing it a bit safe and who is making it a bit more expensive in order to make more money!!  Now, lets see how much money this venture is going to make for you!!  You have all the resources you need (see Monday 4th May).  Keep us updated! yes


Creative Challenge

A slight change of subject today for your Creative Challenge, and we can not wait to see the results!

You have got until tomorrow to choreograph and practice your moves. Have fun, and get grooooving!


Extra Activities

Monday was Beauty and the Beast focused, today is Aladdin focused! Don't worry too much if you haven't seen the film. The answers should be easy to find if you do your research.


Geography - 

- What country is the movie set in?

- What is the climate like?

- What language is spoken?

- Where did the tale originally come from?

- What is the terrain like? How does this terrain differ from yours where you live?

- Name all of the different terrains in the world - it might be useful to look at pictures of this so you know what each terrain looks like.


Science -

Aladdin spends most of his time staring into the night sky or towards the palace. Although he doesn't always see the same stars, as they seem to move. Do the stars move? Research the planets and how they move within the Solar System.


Art -

Draw the palace during sunset. There are lots of different versions of the palace if you search for it on Google images. I would perhaps stick to the cartoon palace as the real life version is rather complicated!

Tuesday 5th May


Hi everyone!  Another Monday over and done with!  Now on to an extra-special Tuesday, because today is this week's 'hump day'!  It's usually a Wednesday, but with the bank holiday this Friday, it means we're nearly half way through the working week already! yes



Bit of a fun task for English today! We would like you to decide which house you would prefer to live and WHY. We don't want a simple 'House 3' etc.. we want you to give a detailed answer.

For example, 'I would like to live in House 4 because X is my favourite actor/I particularly enjoyed watching them in the film X. I would also like to live in this house because I have watched X on a television programme and they are very funny, so I would like to live with them as they would make me laugh. Furthermore, House 4 also has an excellent chef living there and I would love to have professional meals cooked for me every day.' 

Obviously you guys will be much better and come up with far more inventive and creative ideas as to which houses you want to live in and why. There are 3 different sets of houses to choose from - a Coronation Street one, an 'ideal place' one and a famous people one. You should be able to do all three (the only one I shall potentially let you off with not doing is the Coronation Street house, as I know not all of you will watch it). If you aren't sure who some of the famous people are then research them on Google or ask your parents! We're expecting some great responses! Please make sure you upload them to Seesaw, we would like to see your work!!



As you were for maths today.  Three sessions posted yesterday to last you the week.  Not many updates on Seesaw yesterday, so we're assuming you've got plenty still to work through.  Keep up the good work!


Creative Challenge

Your planes yesterday were magnificent! We especially enjoyed watching those of you who took them out to test the aerodynamics! Superb work!

To celebrate V.E.Day The Royal Mint have designed a commemorative coin. Your task is to design your own commemorative coin or a VE Day medal. You could think about the following ideas when designing yours: the years of the war; the colours of the ally flags or a reference to how the war was fought (land, air and sea). We've attached a sheet to help you begin, although you can be as creative as you like.

You might want to use technology, paint, collage, crayons etc. We are sure you have some fantastic ideas of your own but we did spot this clip and wondered if it could be incorporate into your design; especially linking the rainbow? :


Monday 4th May


Good morning everybody! Hope you have all had a lovely weekend! For the majority of today's work we are going to be focusing on the Disney film - Beauty and the Beast. If you haven't watched it then do so (the cartoon or real version - both brill!) it's an absolute classic! If you have no access to the film, then Google will give you more than enough information in order to complete your work for today.



Obviously the rose is a very key part of the film. We would like you to write a set of instructions on how to grow your own rose. In the files we have attached an example set of instructions on 'How to Prepare a Fantastic Five-a-Day Tasting Menu. If you scroll down it will give you an annotated example that explains what has been used and why. Make sure you follow this model when completing your own instructions. You shall also find a success criteria in the files.



We've seen some great examples of your theme parks on Seesaw!  Thank you for working so hard on them.  There are 3 sessions left in this project, so we have uploaded everything you need to finish the job!  It's a 4 day week remember, so plan how you'll complete the work.  We've also included the Microsoft Word version of some documents in case you want to use/edit them on your computer (so it looks like loads of files but lots are PDF/Word duplicates - especially for Session 5).  You'll find all the documents you need below under this weeks creative challenge section.  Looking forward to seeing your final projects! yes



As said previously, the rose is an essential part to the film. We want you to answer the following:

- What are the different parts to the rose?

- Can you label each one?

- Have a go at drawing one and label each part.

- How do they reproduce?

- What is needed for them to stay alive?




Which country/continent is Beauty and the Beast set in?

Belle lives in a small town, what services are available in this town? (If you don't have access to the film then watch this song or if you prefer the real version

How are these services different to what you have in your town? How are they similar?


Creative Challenge

This week we are going to use the 75th Anniversary of V.E. Day (Victory In Europe) to influence our creative challenges.

On May 8th, 2020 it will be 75 years since allied forces formally announced the surrender of Germany, ending the Second World War in Europe.

Since being in lockdown, we have all heard of the bravery and resilience of Captain, sorry Colonel Tom Moore who, as well as raising money for the NHS, served with the Royal Air Force during WWII. On his 100th birthday Spitfire and Hurricane planes honoured him by flying overhead in a flypast.heart

Today, you are going to make a Spitfire and/or Lancaster Bomber. We have attached a 2D and 3D sheet which you can print out and make. If you don't have access to a printer have a go at drawing and colouring the 2D model. Look carefully at the symmetry as you draw it. 


Before you begin please watch this clip of a Spitfire which has recently been restored. It has quite a special story.


If you have time, research the different roles the Spitfire, Hurricane and Lancaster Bombers played during WWII.

Friday 1st May


Hi everyone.  Mr B here.  I had a little go at Miss Richardson's musical challenge from yesterday! wink  I only managed to get a verse and a chorus done, but I might try and finish it if you, my adoring fans, demand it!  It's my ode to Seesaw to the song Disco Inferno (


Seesaw Inferno

Byrne, Mr Byrne

Byrne, Mr Byrne

Byrne, Mr Byrne

Byrne, Mr Byrne

To my surprise, one hundred posts online
People getting loose y'all, they’re getting down with the spoons
Kids are working, out of control
It was so entertaining when the posts started to explode
I heard somebody say

Byrne, Mr Byrne, Seesaw Inferno

Byrne, Mr Byrne

Byrne, Mr Byrne, Seesaw Inferno

Byrne Mr Byrne


Anyway..... moving on......frown


Well ,Mr Byrne has well and truly smashed it there hasn't he guys! laughcheeky If you perhaps don't know the tune of the song, play it in the background whilst you read through our verses - they make more sense then. Here's the link to mine from yesterday ---->

Last night I took part in a weekly quiz, that my friend and her mum do, and I've got lots of ideas for potential new quiz rounds! (Maybe watch this space!!!)


Have a great weekend! Peace, love and safety to all heart


Maths and English

Lots of great work popping up on Seesaw for the Theme Park Project.  I can see from the brochures that a lot of time and effort has gone into it.  Well done and thank you!  We know you'll all be at different stages but that's fine.  Next week we'll complete the project by looking at entrance fees, marketing (and budgets for it) and finally - profits (hopefully no losses!).  We'll post the final 3 sessions on Monday and give you the week to complete them.  Scroll down to Wednesday and Monday for resources should you need them.yes


Creative Challenge

Today's the day!  Please upload your spoon playing videos to Seesaw.  I've seen a few of the Year 5s and they have done quite a good job.  You don't want to be outdone by them, do you.....? wink

Thursday 30th April

Ok, ok, I see what's happening here,
You're face to face with greatness, and it's strange,
You don't even know how you feel,
It's adorable!
Well, it's nice to see that children never change.


Open your eyes, let's begin,
Yes, it's really me, it's Miss Richie: breathe it in!

I know it's a lot: the hair (unwashed and a bush) the bod (overindulged on rubbish)!
When you're staring at a teacher-gal.


What can I say except you're welcome,
For the laughs, the cringes, the whys?!
Hey, it's okay, it's okay,
You're welcome,
I'm just an ordinary teaching-gal.



Who sets you work so that you don't cry?
When you were sitting and yawning. Sigh. 

This gal!



Okay that's enough..... I set the bar too high for this challenge.. Song writing isn't for me frown Hahaha hope you enjoyed it! As you can see, lockdown has sent us (well me) doolally! And yes, Mr Byrne is probably cringing just as much, if not more, than all you guys probably are right now haha! All is fine, all is well though because we've got our health and happiness!! If you're ever having a down day - channel your inner weirdo and set yourself a funny challenge! I for one, cheered right up just by listening to this song. Try and change the lyrics to a song - either completely or change a few so it relates to you somehow (it's hard!!!). Upload them to Seesaw if you think you've got skills and can beat me! (Definitely everyone hahaha!!! winklaugh)


Enjoy your day my little iced gems and we shall speak to you tomorrow!! heart


Don't worry everyone, Miss Richardson is fine - I'm checking up on her every day ....... winklaugh


Now for the work.....


Maths and English

We've really enjoyed seeing your work today.  Lots of brilliant Theme Park designs are appearing on Seesaw now, and some serious number crunching has been going on!  Not seen any brochures yet, but that's fine!  We know that will take a bit longer and that's why we've given you the rest of the week to get the Maths and English done.


Creative Challenge

We've seen 1 or 2 sneak previews but that's all.  Hoping you're saving yourselves for Friday's big performance......wink

Wednesday 29th April

Dobriy den, Hola, Bonjour, Zdravstvuyte, Olá, Hallo, Hej, Hallo, Tere, Ciao, Ahoj, Kaixo, ZdraveiΜ†te, Góðan dag, Jó napot, Geia sas, Sveiki, Bok, Ahoj, Moïen, Zdravo, Dobar dan, Zdravstvujtie,  Hei, Hallå, CzeΕ›Δ‡, Bongu, Salut, Zdravo, Ε½ivjo, Komentari,  Merhaba, Helo, Salve, Sholem aleikhem, Përshëndetje, Barev Dzez, Goeie dei and Hello!!!! If you want an extra task then why not take a guess or research what all of these different languages are? An extra, extra task could be to research what goodbye is!


Anyway, hope you are all staying safe and sound and keeping out of mischief - not that we would know because half of you have dropped off the face of the Earth when it comes to uploading on Seesaw now crying! Big love and appreciation to those that are still regular uploaders! 


Extra, extra, extra task (they keep cropping up left, right and centre in my brain as I type!) - If you have an interesting fact (or google one) post it on Seesaw for us to be in awe! It needs to be interesting and perhaps something we've never heard of before. Love a good fun fact! I'll start us off...... A shark is the only known fish that can blink with both eyes. Whaaaatttt - I did not know this?!?! Crazy crazyyyy!! Your turn!


Speak tomorrow! heart


Maths & English

You know how we like to keep you on your toes, so there is a bit of a twist for the rest of the week!  Maths meets English as sessions 2 and 3 of the Theme Park activity combine!  We've seen a couple of excellent theme park designs today, so well done for getting stuck into this project! yes


In English, we are asking you to produce a brochure to advertise your theme park.  We have included a template below for guidance, but feel free to do it however you like.  You could even use the computer if you like.


In Maths, we'd like you to start investigating the running costs of your theme park.  Everything you need is below.  Again, we think both of these activities will take a bit of time (especially the brochure), so we are happy to give you until (and including) Friday to complete them, meaning you can plan out the rest of your week and time knowing we won't post any new tasks until Monday 4th May.


We can see from Seesaw that lots of you have printed out the sheets we have uploaded to help with your tasks which is great, but we appreciate not everyone has printing facilities at home.  So don't worry if you can't print things, just present them in your own way in your home learning books yes


Creative Challenge

Keep clanging those spoons and get posting us some videos!!  We're really want to see how you are getting on!

Tuesday 28th April

Morning everyone!  Always good to get a Monday out of the way!  On my walk last night I could have sworn I heard the distant clanging of spoons....was that you all practising!?!?  Feel free to post progress videos - it was all a bit quiet on Seesaw yesterday in Year 6 sad Don't say you've forgotten about us teachers already....crying



We thought yesterday's task would need two days, and, as nothing appeared about it on Seesaw, we're assuming you need that second day.  So nothing new will be posted today.



We've enjoyed reading a few excellent stories over the last couple of days.  Try to get these finished off today as we'll post new English work tomorrow.  If your story is all done and dusted, take the time to sit and relax with a book today.


Creative Challenge

We are really looking forward to seeing how you get on with this week's musical challenge!  Keep practising!!

Monday 27th April


Happy Monday peeps!


Well, what a gorgeous weekend that was - especially Saturday!   So much you can do and so many places you can go on days like that, but let me guess:  you enjoyed a family trip to your garden, possibly splashed about in the paddling pool, before enjoying a nice BBQ?!?!  See, teachers really do know everything!



Over the next couple of weeks, we'd like you to carry out a project all about designing your own theme park.  There is quite a lot to read, consider and do for each 'lesson', so to begin with, we'll give you TWO DAYS per session.  So that means you have Monday and Tuesday to complete what we've set today.  The overview talks about working in groups.  If you want to try and arrange this with some friends online, that is fine.  Otherwise, try and rope in family members to help!



Don't forget, the activities set last Friday are to last you until Tuesday. yes


Creative Challenge

We hope you find this week's challenge fun.  Be warned, it's a little bit random, but we often find it's those sort of activities that provide the most enjoyment!! wink

Friday 24th April

Quiz Answers - Rounds 9 & 10


So - another week comes to an end!

We hope you've had fun with your home-learning activities and enjoyed the daily quiz with your families.

As promised by Mr Byrne (was that really Mr Byrne in the video??!!), Here are the answers to rounds 9 and 10:

Now - slap that suncream on, enjoy this AMAZING weather, and have the BEST weekend!

We'll be back on Monday.

Stay safe and happy you brilliant bunch!

Friday 24th April

Happy Freaky Friday everyone! Hope you are all enjoying the activities we've been setting for you (believe it or not, a lot of work and even more laughter!! goes on behind the scenes to make this all happen! laugh). Hopefully a lot of you have also been enjoying this lovely Costa Del Altrincham weather we've been lucky enough to get! 


Have the best weekend - stay safe, stay happy and take care. Love to you all #TeamWillows heart



I've decided to save the 'fun' work for next week.... So these lessons are to last you for the next few days (not including the weekend). On Monday we will not be posting a 'big' English activity because these tasks, uploaded today, should last you until at least Tuesday/Wednesday. Make sure you take your time - don't rush!! Once you have finished your story, you can read through it and edit it. Please have a look at the work in the files for further and clearer instructions! smiley



Well done to you all for a hardworking week in maths.  We've enjoyed seeing you do battle with the games and investigations!  One more set to finish the week off!  See the file below. yes


Creative Challenge

Now, we don't want to upset you, especially as it's Friday and the sun is shining, but today our quiz comes to an end crying.  Seriously though, we hope you've enjoyed it and that it's brought some light relief to you and your families.  A new challenge awaits next week, but we'll keep you guessing until Monday!  Enjoy!

Thursday 23rd April

Good morrow children! How art thou? Shall I compare thee to a summer's day? Or are you all being a miserable bunch winklaugh


Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears...!


Okay, that's it enough (only because I can't think of anymore famous quotes/sayings). Hope you're all still doing okay and staying safe and well! Still loving the work rolling in on Seesaw, still loving hearing from you, still loving seeing how you're all doing on the quiz, still loving seeing pictures of you and your families, still loving seeing some of your pets (MORE OF THOSE PLEASE!!), still loving seeing what you're up to in general. NOT loving being away from you all though sad. Think isolation is starting to send us adults doolally! cheeky But we soldier on! ONE DAY UNTIL FREAKY FRIDAY! Woop Woop! 


Speak to you all tomorrow! heart



One of the things I love exploring when I used to write stories is what must be going on in a character’s mind. Whenever I read great portal stories, I always try to put myself into the shoes of the character, to try to imagine how they must be feeling as they discover this passageway to a new world. How must Alice have been feeling as she fell through the never-ending tunnel into Wonderland? For your work today we would like you to create your own character. There's lots of help and instructions for you in the files section smiley Don't forget to upload them to Seesaw! (Try and take the picture as close as you can - whilst still getting all of your work in - as it's sometimes a little tricky to read when it's so small).



Rather than a game that requires 2 or more players today, give your family a break and be at one with a Sudoku!  After that, a shape investigation which, if you're up for a challenge, could be turned into a nice bit of algebra.....File below!


Creative Challenge

Apologies for missing an answer off the Artists and Filters part of the quiz!  Number 7 was Mark Owen (from Take That).  And yes, it was the China flag and not the Egyptian flag!!  Well done to all of you who spotted the 'Deliberate Mistake of the Day!'

Rounds 7 and 8 today - History and Name the Teacher!  Enjoy!

Wednesday 22nd April

A very good morning to you all!  Half way through the week already!  However, I'm sorry to have to tell you that Miss Richardson has left The Willows!  According to her agent, after a recent video of her went viral, she's been signed up as a backing dancer for Take That!!  Although, with all the isolation and social distancing, I'm not sure how that will work.....wait a she having me on......frown.  


Some great work uploaded to Seesaw once again yesterday.  As well as some very funny videos too!  Rounds 3 and 4 of the quiz looked a bit trickier though!  How are those scores progressing?


Let us know how you get on with today's activities!


Good luck and keep smilingsmiley



We saw one or two examples of maths posted to Seesaw yesterday. yes  Today we've got another game for you - Pig!  The game is called Pig - I wasn't calling you names!

And then a more investigative activity which will require both logical thinking and a systematic approach.  Good luck!  File below.



SPaG time! Today's work will help you recap, not only on SPaG, but it will also help to make your writing more engaging. Only one more task that links with this 'Doors' theme after today and then I've got a 'more entertaining' task for you on Friday! Have a look in the files for your work smiley


Creative Challenge

We loved  seeing your answers on Seesaw yesterday.  We hope you enjoyed it as much as Miss Richardson enjoyed dancing! You all did very well.  Rounds 5 and 6 are below - Films and Science.  You can also find the answers to yesterday's questions to get your score so far.

Good Luck!

Files needed for Wednesday 22nd

Tuesday 21st April


Hello our little munchkins! heart

Hope you're all cracking on with the work and it's keeping your minds occupied. We also hope you're enjoying the creative challenges! We are absolutely LOVING all of the work you are uploading to Seesaw! Would much rather see it in person, but this is definitely the next best thing!! Little reminder if you are whizzing through the work or getting bored - you've still got TTRS, Bugclub, Mathletics etc., etc.!

Don't forget, you can also upload anything you've been up to (as well as work) on Seesaw. We love seeing it! yes




Comprehension time!!! Alright, alright, stifle your moans, groans and eye rolls please! wink We still need you to do some 'normal' work sometimes! There's only five questions! Enjoyyyy angelyes



Judging by Seesaw, lots of you did very well with the Leap frog investigation!  It was great seeing your videos and all the creative ways you recreated the frogs!yes  15 moves looked like the smallest number of moves it could be done in!  And well done to those who challenged themselves with the extension.


A game of strategy to start with today followed by some logical thinking and reasoning.  Remember to post to Seesaw!!  File is below.


Creative Challenge

Again, it was great seeing your answers on Seesaw.  You all did very well.  Rounds 3 and 4 are below - Geography and Music.  You can also find the answers to yesterday's questions to get your score so far.

Monday 20th April


Hi everyone!  Hope you've all had a good weekend!  It was great being able to get in touch with you last week through Seesaw.  Not as good as actually being at school with you of course, but the next best thing we suppose!  So keep the updates coming!  




We thought we'd have a bit of an investigative week this week, so we're going to start off by testing your ability to think logically!  The file you need is below.  We recommend finding some items to represent the frogs!!  Why not upload a video of you solving the problem to Seesaw?  There's also an extension if you're up for the challenge!  Good luck!


If you would like a bit of extra maths, White Rose (the scheme we follow at school) is doing daily online maths lessons.  The idea is that the lessons cover what we would be doing if we were still at school.  However, we did move things around a bit as we got ready for SATs so we might have covered some of the lessons already.  However, it's there as an option if you'd like to explore it.



Today, we would like you to consider the importance of fluency and expression when you read. Begin by reading Miroslav Holub’s poem The Door (in the files).  There are also two links for you to click on that consist of contrasting performances of the same poem. Did they read the poem differently to how you read it out-loud or in your head? Please click on the file titled 'The Door Work' and that will explain the rest of the work we would like you to do today.


Creative Challenge

Something a bit different this week.  Something that will stretch your brain to it's maximum.  Something that requires focus, calm and teamwork.  It's the Willows Year 5 and 6 Family Quiz!!  Click the document below to find out more!

After a tough week solving clues, here are the Murder Mystery Answers! Let us know the culprit on Seesaw!

Friday 17th April


Wowsers!!  Friday already!  Doesn't time fly when you're.....locked up?!? I mean having fun!  And judging by what we've seen on Seesaw, you're having lots of fun and working hard too!  Well done to you all! #proud


So, here are your last activities for this week.  We look forward to seeing what you do!



The final clue is below along with the list of suspects.  Each clue you've solved this week should eliminate half of the suspects leaving you, after today, with the culprit!  I'll reveal the answer here later today!



Today's work is all about idioms. What is an idiom you may well ask??? Have a look at your sheet, in the files section, for everything you need to know!


Creative Challenge

Yesterdays art work was SO impressive! Well done.smiley

Today you have the choice of two activities. (Your choice may depend on what materials you have in your cupboards so please check with your adults first.)

You can make either a Lava Lamp, or Grow a Rainbow.

When you complete the tasks imagine you're in school and you are being asked to explain the science involved in making these. Explain the process to your adult.

Good luck

Thursday 16th April

Hey, hello, hi! Hope you are enjoying this weather as much as we are! Perfect opportunity for you to have created some amazing art work yesterday. Huge shout out to all of you that are uploading your work to Seesaw! We are absolutely loving seeing your work and leaving you all comments! So, for anyone that is missing chatting to us (all of you of course?! laugh), get yourself on there and show us what you're up to! It could be work related, it might just be a nice activity you are doing during isolation - either way, we'd love to see you!

Hope everyone is still smashing their TTRS times, reading lots on Bugclub, completing, getting yourselves on Mathletics etc., etc.!

Speak to you all tomorrow (or later on today if you've uploaded things to Seesaw).

Stay safe and take care gang! yesheart


Maths (for everyone)

The next 2 clues have been attached below.  We thought you'd prefer that rather than 2 on a Friday!!  Plus, one of them is soooooo easy - percentages!! Good luck!



The sheet is pretty self explanatory with what we would like you to do (in the files section). There is also an 'EXAMPLE' poem in the files. Please try and refrain from looking at it until you have come up with your own ideas/you are struggling so much that your brain is a pile of mush on the floor! Upload them to Seesaw if you can. We'd love to see what you've come up with! smiley


Creative Challenge

We were so impressed with yesterday's artwork, that today we are asking you to do some more! This time you are going to follow an online tutorial helping you to learn about perspective in art. 

You will need: a pencil and a piece of paper. If you think you may need an eraser, only use this at the end of the session.

Click on the following link and pause if/when you need to.

We cant wait to see your work smiley

Wednesday 15th April

Good morning gang! Hope you all enjoyed your tasks yesterday and got stuck in! We hope the new video brought a smile to your faces as well! laugh Look at the top of the 'Class Pages' page if you haven't seen it yet - you're in for a treat hahaha!

Also, as mentioned yesterday, you have unlimited access to TTRS, Bugclub,, Mathletics, etc. so make sure you are filling your time with those as well! yes

Still missing you all unbelievable amounts! (Never thought we'd see the day haha! laugh) Make sure you're staying safe. Ciao for now! heart


Maths (for everyone)

The next clue has been attached below - good luck!



Have you ever looked at a door and wondered what might be on the other side? Where may it lead? What may be hiding within? At first glance, a door is just a piece of wood, glass or metal that is opened and closed so that people can get in and out of a room, a vehicle or a space. But in the hands of a writer, a door represents a world of possibility, a world where things are not only hidden but often closed off and restricted. Over the coming weeks, together, through poetry, text games and narrative, we shall explore the potential that a door offers to you, the writer.

Your first task in the files section, below.


Creative Challenge

It's supposed to be another sunny day today, so we would like you to grab your pieces of paper and create some amazing shadow art! Go and find a place (either outside or inside) where the sun casts a shadow, grab some of your favourite toys/items that will stand up/nature/anything that will cast an easy shadow(!!) and trace the shadow before the sun moves! You could even trace around the shadow of someone you live with! We've attached some pictures below to show you what we mean.

Enjoy! smiley

Tuesday 14th April

Hello everyone!!  We hope you had a great Easter!  Today is the start of the summer term, and as we're still not allowed to return to school yet, we'll continue to post some activities for you to try at home. yes

Each day, we'll set a Maths and English themed activity plus a 'Creative Challenge' which could basically be pretty much anything!

We might not always 'set' online activities such as Mathletics, SPaG and Bugclub but they are still there for you to use.  Plus, I think we're all realising the importance of daily exercise, so we'll let you decide what you'd like to do for that.


Maths (for everyone)

This week we'd like you to try and solve a maths murder!  Each day we'll reveal clues for you to try and solve.  At the end of the week, we'll send you the suspects so you can try and workout who committed the crime!



Today, we'd like you to have a go at writing a Haiku Poem entitled 'Lockdown'.  Think about the last few weeks and what it's been like and the sorts of things you've been doing.  One haiku contains 3 lines and each line contains a set number of syllables:  Line 1 - 5 syllables; line 2 - 7 syllables; line 3 - 5 syllables.  Challenge yourself by making each verse of your poem a haiku.  How many verses will you use to make your poem?!


Creative Challenge

Using ONLY 3 Sheets of paper (newspaper, A3, or A4) and 2 elastic bands (hair bobbles) make a construction that can hold the weight of a reading book.


All materials MUST be used, and the book should be elevated at least 5cm from the ground.  Take a photo as proof.  We're hoping that you'll soon be able to send us these wink.  Watch this space!

Files you'll need for today (Tuesday 14th)

Friday 27th March

Morning everyone!  I don't know about you all, but I can't believe that it's only been a week since we had to finish school!  Which also means you've made it to the end of your first week of learning from home!  Well done - and well done to all your parents!!


We would have been breaking up for the Easter holidays today, so we'll give you a well deserved break from home learning.  After today's tasks, we won't be posing anything again until Tuesday 14th April.  However, Mrs Warren will continue to update her page which can be found on the class pages page below the year group stars.


In the meantime, stay safe everyone.  We're missing you and thinking about you all yesheart



Mr Byrne's Group and Miss Richardson's Group


No prizes for guessing what today's maths is!  That's right, it wouldn't be a Friday without a bit of arithmetic!  Let's hope you haven't lost those skills already?!? surprise

Queen's Party answers for those who want to see if they cracked it!


On Wednesday, you were given the task of designing a futuristic something!  Car, bag, phone, shoes - whatever you liked.  Today's task is to produce an advert to persuade people to buy it.  This could be a poster or a leaflet.  The document below will give you some ideas of how to make it successful.


Today, we want you to become the Joe Wicks of your household!  Get in the garden, pick some tunes and put your family through their paces with your very own fitness class!


I always enjoy our Friday afternoon computing sessions.  So, just to keep your coding on track, try and complete an hour of code!  We've used it before.  Look for an activity that appeals and then give it a go!

It's Friday! Let's Sing!

Open the PDF to join in!

Thursday 26th March


Hi everyone!  Missing you all so much that we're almost contemplating downloading TikTok! Think it will take a few more weeks of lockdown before that day arrives though hahaha!!! laugh Today's tasks will consist of the usual SPaG, Reading, Literacy, Maths, and we have also included an Art lesson for you.


Today's tasks are below.



Miss Richardson's Group & Mr Byrne’s Group


As usual 15 mins of TTRS! Because it is going to be such a nice day again, I would like you to do some outdoor Maths! Given the circumstances, I would suggest doing these in your garden (or out on your once a day walk if it is feasible/possible). There are 1, 2 and 3 star activities to choose from. It's your choice which ones you can do/think are manageable. Enjoy!



Today, we would like you to write an alternative ending to a well known story. It can be whatever ending you like and can go with whatever story you choose. It could be a myth, fairytale, etc. Try and think about all of the things we discuss in lessons - subordinate clauses, relative clauses, parenthesis, adverbs, varied punctuation and sentence length etc. Once you have finished, read it out to someone at home and see if they can decide which story you decided to change!



A lot of the teachers have been getting involved (and struggling) with the Joe Wicks workouts. Hope you guys are finding them alright! Today's challenge: Dancing! No real explanation needed here. Turn up the music and have a dance party! If you have siblings, why not do a dance off?! If there's only you, turn up those tunes and dance until you drop! wink



The focus for the first lesson is ' drawing feathers'. Have a look through the lesson presentation that will show you lots of different pictures of feathers. The 'learning task' will give you further instructions. Have fun!

Wednesday 25th March


Hi everyone.  You're now approaching the half way point of your first week learning at home!  We hope it's all still going well.  We can see those of you that have been busy on Mathletics and SPaG, so a huge thank you and well done to those people (and their parents for all the encouragement!).


Today's tasks are below.



Mr Byrne's Group.


A bit of logical reasoning today!!  I'll post the answers tomorrow so you can see how you got on.  Don't forget, at least 15 minutes TTRS too!

Miss Richardson's Group.


15 minutes of TTRS and then get yourselves stuck into these discussion problems!



A bit of a change for the last part of the week before you finish for the 'holidays'......


Today, we'd like you to get a bit more creative and design a car for the future!  Or, if you'd prefer, another form of transport.  In fact, we're happy for you to design anything futuristic - a bag, phone, trainers, TV - anything you fancy really!  Draw some diagrams, label them and include as much detail about the features as you can.  You can let your imagination run wild with this one!  The more you know about about your product, the better because you will eventually produce an advertising leaflet about it!


The prompt below might help too.


We've set more SPAG to keep you going too!  And remember to keep reading!  Why not get your parents to read to you too!  Also, David Walliams is offering a free audio book a day for 30 days if you like his stuff:


I did the Joe Wicks workout with my boys yesterday which was fun!  So why not give it another go?!  Alternatively, try to do 10 exercises in each of the rooms in your house:  10 press ups in the kitchen, 10 star jumps in the bathroom etc!

Loo Roll Keepy Uppy Challenge

Still image for this video
Just out of interest, how are you getting on with your Keepy uppies?!?

Tuesday 23rd March

Hi everyone.


We hope you all had a good first day learning at home and that everything was nice and straight forward!  It was very quiet in school without you all - and not in a good way crying.


Here are today's activities.  As always, there will be Maths, English, Physical Activity, and today's other subject is Science.  This is the last lesson on our evolution theme.


We said yesterday that you could finish the SPAG task over 2 days, so you have today to get that finished.  Well done to the 10 people who actually completed it all in one go!!  Some very impressive scores too!  We'll make another task live that you can do if you want to but this is optional if you've completed yesterday's task.


Below is another writing prompt.  Remember, if you enjoyed yesterday's and want to develop it further then that's fine.  After the Easter holiday, we'd like to look into ways of sharing your writing with one another so watch this space!


Remember, at least 20 minutes reading a day too!  We checked on Bugclub today and there are plenty of books available to you all.




Mr Byrne's Group


Thank you to the 9 people who completed the MAGIC SYMBOLS activity and the 1 person who completed the EXPLORING AN ADDITION GAME.  


More investigative themed work today.  Firstly,  Perimeter Detectives 2.  We've done work on perimeter (and area) recently.  This task requires you to explore this a bit further.  Then there's a money investigation from the resource hub called Harry's Bike Shop.  The activities from the resource hub are really good as I can see all the working out you put!  You can even send me a message on there if you're unsure about anything. 


Remember to complete at least 15 minutes of TTRS.



Miss Richardson's Group


Well done to everyone that had completed the 'are you ready' section - it would appear you all very much are ready! Just a little tip.. I don't think you can dip in and out of Mathletics the same way you can with Once you have started the work, you have to finish (or at least keep it up on the screen)  otherwise it won't save your progress frown


Well done to all 7 of you that actually completed the rest of the work.... Could we perhaps try and increase that number today please?!?! There are a few more investigations on there. Remember - these are supposed to get you thinking! You won't get them done in the click of a finger. Enjoy!




We know quite a few of you did the live Joe Wicks Body Coach workout on Youtube at 9am yestarday morning.  If you didn't (and even if you did!) give this a go today!  If you don't read this until after 9am then don't panic!!  These videos also get uploaded to The Body Coach Channel after the live show.




Below are all the resources you need to explore the Advantages and Disadvantages of Adaptation.  There is an activity to go along with this.  The PowerPoint also talks about Human Intervention but there is no task for you to do - it's just for your information.  There is no expectation on you to print resources out.  You could draw the table into your home learning book.


If you can, open the PowerPoint to enjoy the interactivity of the presentation.  If you don't have the PowerPoint software, the PDF version is there too.



Hi Year 6!  Hope you're all OK and have managed to have a nice weekend.  By 10am every morning this week, we'll have posted some tasks to keep you busy at home - you're welcome!! wink


Any English activities are for you all, but maths activities will be based on the group you are in.  It'll be obvious which is which.


This is a very new experience for us all, so keep calm and do your best!  And remember: be good for your parents!


There are a few daily tasks as standard that you should try to complete everyday:


1.  Maths - 15 Minutes TTRS

2.  English - 20 Minutes Reading - this can be a book from home or a Bugclub Book.

3.  PE - at least 2, 5-a-day dance routines.

Monday 23rd March 2020




By now, you should be progressing with your Yellow Spotted Lizard non-chronological report.  This week, we'd like you to finish your final copy of this.


Everyday, we'll set you a short writing task.  You shouldn't spend more than 20 - 30 minutes on this.  The idea is to write for pleasure - enjoy writing! 

Even though the prompt will change daily, if you are enjoying writing about one particular prompt and want to carry it on over a number of days then that is fine - as long as you try to spend 20-30 minutes a day writing. yes




We have set an activity on  As this is a 50 question activity, you can complete this over 2 days.  




Mr Byrne's Group


As well as at least 15 minutes TTRS, I've set 2 mathletics activities.  MAGIC SYMBOLS 2 and Exploring an Addition Game (I'm hoping the second activity works - it's an area of mathletics I've never used before?!?).


Miss Richardson's Group


As well as at least 15 minutes TTRS, I've set 3 mathletics activities. First, I would like to see what you know before we start our new topic (Properties of Shapes). I would also like you to get your teeth stuck into the 2 reasoning and problem solving questions - Family Ages and Dartboard Scores. Enjoy!